Reading blogs is an important part of my day. Each day, I scroll through the blogs I follow and read all the posts that spark my interest (which is usually a lot). I love reading blogs for bloggers and business owners. From a practical standpoint, they do an awesome job of giving me blogging and business tips, telling me what I’m doing wrong, telling me what I can do better, etc. But where I really find my inspiration is lifestyle blogs. Not only do they spark my inspiration for my own blog, but they inspire me in my daily life and push me to lead a healthier, happier, more intentional life.

Over the last several years that I’ve been blogging, I haveΒ fallen in and out of love with a lot of blogs. But there are some that just stick. Today I’m sharing with you 5 lifestyle blogs that keep me inspired every dayΒ and can do the same for you!


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1. The Everygirl – I’ve been reading this one for a few years, and it is hands-down one of my favorite blogs. This site literally is for every girl – it covers everything ranging from career, finance, wellness, travel, relationships and so much more. Their content is always super helpful and relatable.

2. The Financial Diet – This one is a lifestyle blog with a major emphasis on personal finance. Not only do they offer general financial advice, but they also share personal stories and advice for life situations that any millennial woman could find herself in. As I’ve started over both personally and financially over the past year, I’ve found myself taking away more and more from this site.

3. Advice From a Twenty Something – This blog shares tons of advice that any millennial woman will love. The blog covers all aspects of 20-something life such as dating, friendships, career, personal development, and fashion. I find the content on this site to be super relatable. Plus I love that she answers questions from her readers on the site.

4. But First, Coffee – I have been reading Kallie’s blog for a long time and enjoy it even more as it grows. What originally started as a blog with a focus on beauty and fashion now covers topics surrounding saving money, productivity, and affordable home decor. She also has a YouTube channel with content that goes along with her blog content.

5. Wit and Delight – This one is a relatively new read for me, but I’ve really gotten into it. They do a lot of general lifestyle content but have a bit of an emphasis on home decor and styling.

There are so many other lifestyle blogs I love, but these 5, in particular, are so inspiring for me, and I know they can be inspiring for you as well!




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What are your favorite women’s lifestyle blogs to read? Leave a comment and let me know!


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