We all have bad days at work – it happens! The trick is learning how to shake it off and how to de-stress so you can start the next day feeling totally refreshed and positive. Here are 7 ways you can de-stress after a bad day.


7 Ways to De-Stress After a Bad Day





Figure Out What is Stressing You Out


Most of the time when you’re having a bad day, it’s pretty darn obvious why. But that’s not always the case, at least not for me! There are definitely days where I’m in a bad mood and I’m just not sure why. But most of the time, with a little introspection, I can figure out what’s bugging me.

The best course of action would be to take whatever is bothering you and set it aside for the day. Obviously, if we’re talking about work and family, that isn’t always possible. But at least figure out if there’s something you can do to address it.


Incorporate Physical Activity


When I get home after a bad day, I am rarely in the mood to work out. And there have been plenty of occasions where I have let a bad mood talk me out of my workout. But when I do end up working out, it just about always helps my mood! I may not forget what was bothering me by the end of my run, but it’s definitely bothering me less and I’m able to focus on more positive things. I think part of it is that I tend to listen to motivational business podcasts while I run, so I always finish those feeling super motivated and positive!


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Call a Friend


I’m super lucky to have a few great friends who I know I can always call or text when I’m having a bad day. In fact, I’m even luckier in that one of them works at the same place as me, just 20 feet down the hallway. That means that if I’m having a bad day, it’s super easy for me to go talk it out with her for a few minutes before getting back to work.

Whether it’s a good friend, a significant other, or a family member, have someone in mind who you know you can call anytime to get out of a funk. That person will be happy to let you vent, and you’ll feel so much better afterward!


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Write it Out


For me, writing is one of the most effective ways to de-stress. Sometimes it’s creative writing, like writing blog posts. Other times I just write out my thoughts. I’ve always had a difficult time falling asleep at night, usually because I just can’t turn my brain off. I’ve found that if something in particular is stressing me out, it helps to just get all of my frustrations down on paper. Once I’ve gotten them off my chest, it’s easier to let them go and fall asleep.


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Know Your Stress Relief Hobbies


I feel like we all have a few go-to hobbies that we know are a great stress relief for us. Some really good ones for me are reading, take a bath, or going for a long walk with some music playing. For you, it might be yoga, cooking, or binge-watching Netflix. When you’ve had a bad day, it’s the perfect time to just give yourself a self-care night and focus on the hobbies that help you to de-stress.


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Cancel Plans That Will Make Stress Worse


As someone who is definitely a people pleaser, I hate the idea of canceling plans and disappointing people. But if you’ve already had a stressful day and you know whatever evening plans you have are going to stress you out even more, it’s okay to cancel! If the plans are with a friend or family member, they will understand.

I’m also a bit of a homebody so sometimes when I’m stressed it doesn’t matter what the plans are, I would rather be at home relaxing alone. I certainly wouldn’t make a habit of canceling on your friends, but sometimes that’s what you need to help yourself de-stress.


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Get to Sleep


If I’m stressed or am having a bad day, often it’s just because I’m feeling burnt out. I rarely get to bed as early as I should, but on these particular days, I try to get to bed early so I can recharge and hopefully wake up the next day feeling refreshed and de-stressed.


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7 Ways to De-Stress After a Bad Day - We all have bad days - it happens! Whether is career stress or family stress, the trick is learning to shake it off and learning how to de-stress. Here are some stress relief ideas for you!

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