Running out of time in the day to get done everything that you need to? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Chances are there are spots throughout your day where you’re wasting time that could be spent on other things. Here are a few ways you might be wasting time.


ways you might be wasting time





Social Media


I’m just going to throw this one out there first because it’s the most obvious and probably the one that the majority of us are most guilty of. Smartphones are amazing and in a lot of ways can be really good for productivity, if you’re using the right tools. They’re also terrible for productivity because of the amount of time we waste on social media! I’ve literally found myself opening a social media app, and then immediately closing it because I didn’t really care to check anything, it was just sort of a subconscious move.

Try to eliminate the habit of checking social media mindlessly throughout the day. You can also turn off notifications so you aren’t opening the app every time someone comments on or likes something you posted.

If you’re a blogger and find yourself wasting a lot of time on social media promoting your blog, there’s a more productive way to do it! Instead, trying automating your blog promotion so you can spend less time on social media.


Watching TV


This used to be a much bigger time waster for me, and thankfully I’ve gotten a lot better at it. Rather than scrolling through Netflix or the TV guide looking for something to watch, I mostly limit my TV watching to when I sit down to watch a specific show.

From now on, instead of turning on the TV when you get home, get everything else done that you need to first. You can also find productive things to do while you watch TV so that time doesn’t go to waste!


Checking Email


Of everything on this list, this might be the one I’m most guilty of. First of all, I literally always have my email open when I’m on a computer and read or delete new emails as they come in. When I’m not on my computer, I’m still very regularly checking email on my phone. I get a lot of emails between my personal email, my work email, and my blog email (all of which are on my phone), so I’m spending a lot of time each day filtering through them.

What I’m instead trying to get in the habit of doing is checking my email only a few times per day. I can still get through them relatively quickly, and that way they aren’t taking so much of my day. I also turned off notifications for my email app so I’m hearing that ding each time I get a new email.

If you’re spending way too much of your day in your inbox, try coming up with a different system or setting boundaries and only allowing yourself to check them at certain times of the day.


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Running Errands


Obviously, errands are necessary and unavoidable, but there are definitely ways to spend less time on them. Planning your shopping trips ahead of time can be a great way of making sure you aren’t running endless errands throughout the week picking up things you forgot last time around. I’m super guilty of this and find myself at Target at least once every week picking up something I forgot during my last shopping trip.

I love list-making, so clearly it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I always make a list when I go shopping! There are endless apps you can download to help with this, or you can try the shopping list notepads in my shop!


Cluttered Workspace


Believe it or not, having a cluttered, disorganized workspace can waste a LOT of time. When your space is cluttered, it takes WAY longer to maneuver around your desk to find whatever it is you’re looking for. Not to mention, having a cluttered workspace just gives me anxiety and that makes me less productive too!


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Not Planning Enough


I love planning, so of course, this one would make the list. Planning ahead can save so much time. Every evening before I leave work I try to make a to-do list of all the big things I’ll need to get done the following day and try to plan ahead on work projects as much as possible. I also spend a lot of time planning and outlining blog projects so when it comes time to actually execute, I’m ready to go.

Planning doesn’t come as naturally for everyone, which I totally get. But putting in just a few minutes each day can actually make a big difference.


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Planning Too Much


Just like failing to plan is a time-waster, so is planning too much. Have you ever been preparing to start a project and find the planning stage taking so long that you never actually get to the project, or end up starting it way too late? I’m guilty of this both at work and with my blog. Planning to excess becomes counterproductive when it prevents you from getting to the project itself.


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News flash – multitasking isn’t a real thing. And trying to multitask actually HURTS your productivity. Your brain just can’t focus on two things at once. So when you think you’re multitasking, one of those things is happening:

  1. You’re completely ignoring one of the things you’re “working on” OR
  2. You’re switching back and forth between the two tasks quickly.

Either way, neither task has your undivided attention and neither one will be done as well. Focus on ONE thing at a time and your work will be way better! And believe it or not, you’ll get it done more quickly too!


Comparing Yourself to Others


I feel like it’s very natural to compare yourself to others, but some people definitely spend way too much of their time doing it. I remember my first year of blogging (and even after) spending a lot of time comparing my blog to other people’s, even people who had been blogging much longer than I had!

For the most part, this type of comparison isn’t constructive at all. The more time you spend comparing your work to someone else’s, the less time you’re actually spending improving your own work. Stay in your own lane and instead of focusing on someone else who has reached your goals, focus on what you can do to reach your goals too.


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Not Having a Clear Goals


When I think about ways I’ve personally wasted time over the years, this is a big one for me. When I first started really trying to grow my blog into a business, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I tried just about everything. I read all the posts and advice about what you “should” do for your blog, and I did it.

Here’s the problem though. I didn’t know WHY I was doing a lot of it, other than because some article said I should. I wasn’t staying focused on MY goal. I was just hoping that if I tried everything, something would stick.

Now I think long and hard about what my specific goals are, and I only make time for those tasks that are going to get me there. There are so many little tasks in blogging that people think matter, but they actually don’t. And I’m not wasting my time on those anymore.




I would LOVE for you to leave me a comment and let me know what your biggest time wasters are!


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