Anxiety is something that many of us struggle with, some openly and some more privately. I’m lucky that my anxiety has typically been fairly minor, but that’s not the case with everyone. One of the many things blogging has done for me is to teach me that I’m not even close to alone in my struggle with anxiety. I’ve found so many bloggers who are honest and brave enough to open up about their struggles with anxiety, and those writers are a lifeline for those of us who have likewise struggled. I’m certainly not a mental health expert, but over the years I’ve found some ways to ease anxiety – at least ones that have worked for me. We each discover our own methods for dealing with stress and anxiety, but hopefully, these tips can help you as well!


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Accept Your Reality


There’s nothing wrong with having anxiety, and it’s not something you should be embarrassed about. For some reason, I spent years without acknowledging a pattern. Once you’re willing to put a name on it and accept it’s there, it is infinitely easier to deal with.


Break Down the Issues in Front of You


One common source of anxiety for me is if I’m feeling overwhelmed by the things going on in my life. It comes about if I’m feeling behind by blogging, housework, work, etc. Instead of looking at my to-do list all at once, it helps to break it down and tackle each source of stress individually. When I try to catch up on blogging, I try not to think about what I also need to get done at work or around the house.


Take a Break


If you’ve got a lot on your plate and it’s giving you anxiety, take a step back from all the sources and take a day off. I know not everyone has the pleasure of vacation time through their job, but if you do, taking a mental health day once in awhile is a great thing to do if you’re feeling overwhelmed.




One of my favorite things about writing is being able to get all my feelings out in a way that’s easy for me. I’m not a great verbal communicator, and whenever I’m feeling a lot of stress, it helps to take pen to paper and just write out how I’m feeling. I don’t typically use my blog as an outlet to write about my anxiety and feelings, but just writing helps ease mine.




Often I look at fitness as a necessary evil in life, but it can be a huge help for me when I’m dealing with anxiety or health issues. If I can get over the hurdle of feeling lazy and lethargic, I feel way more energized after a good workout.


Talk to Someone


It can be difficult for some of us to verbalize our feelings, as I stated above. But having someone to talk or vent to can be a blessing. It doesn’t have to be a professional. Just a friend or spouse can be a great person to talk to. Sometimes just being able to tell a friend that I’m feeling stressed or frustrated can help me, even if I can’t specify a source of it.


Get Enough Sleep


When I was in high school and college and dealt with anxiety, and sometimes depression, I would find myself getting far less sleep. I often stayed up all night. But it’s a vicious cycle because the lack of sleep contributed even more to the anxiety and stress.


Plan Ahead


Since feeling overwhelmed and behind can be a huge source of anxiety for me, I find that planning ahead and being organized can help fend off those feelings.


Do you struggle with anxiety? What strategies do you use to ease anxiety?


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