It should come as no surprise to anyone who’s been reading this blog for awhile that I love goal-setting! Regularly setting goals has been a huge factor in helping me to stay motivated when it comes to growing my blog and business. Sure, I haven’t achieved every goal I’ve set. But I’ve been at this long enough to come up with action steps to help me achieve my goals, as well as to help me figure out why I never did reach some of them. Are you struggling to achieve your goals? Here are 6 reasons you might not be achieving your goals.

reasons you aren't achieving your goals

You’re Not Making a Plan

Setting a goal is just the first step – there’s a whole slew of work that comes afterward before you can actually achieve it! Most goals aren’t a one-step process, meaning you’re going to have to make a plan if you want to ultimately reach your goal.

Once you’ve chosen your goal, pick a deadline by which you want to reach it. Once you’ve done that, break down some specific action steps you’ll take to reach your goal and add those to your calendar.

Having a plan to help you reach your goal will infinitely increase the chances that you’ll actually reach it!

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You’re Not Prioritizing Your Goals

Just setting a goal isn’t enough. You also need to work to make that goal a priority and focus on the follow-through. Some goals require a pretty significant time investment, and that’s something you’ll have to plan for in your day to day life.

When I set a goal of writing an eBook, I knew it was going to take a ton of work and extra time. I already spend a lot of time each week on my blog, so I knew it would be a struggle to make the eBook a priority as well. But I set aside time in my schedule specifically for working on my eBook. And I didn’t compromise on that time because writing that book was something that was super important to me!

If you’re struggling to find time to reach your goals, consider what else in your life you could temporarily cut back on to make time. Do you watch a lot of TV or spend a lot of time reading novels in the evenings? Pick a few nights each week to work toward your goal instead!

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You Don’t Know Your Why

If you’re struggling to find the fire inside of you to continue working toward your goal, it might be that you either have set the wrong goal for yourself, or you don’t really know the why behind your goal. Often I see bloggers publish monthly blog posts with arbitrary goals that don’t seem to have a lot of thought behind them.

For each goal you set, know exactly why you’re setting it. What will be the final outcome? What will be the major benefit (or benefits) of reaching that goal? Knowing your final destination and being passionate about your goals will make you far more likely to stay motivated to reach them.

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You’re Lacking Accountability

How many times have you written a goal down in a journal or planner, proud of yourself for taking the first step and ever so sure you’re going to reach your goal, only to forget about it later on? Don’t worry if this sounds familiar to you, we’ve all been there! I know for sure I have.

One reason this might be happening is a lack of accountability which leads to a lack of follow through. Find a step that you can add to your goal-setting process that will create some accountability for you. It might be setting a deadline for your goal, telling a friend about it, or even writing about it on your social media pages or blog (something I used to do monthly).

You’re Only Thinking Long-Term

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t set long-term goals. Long-term goals are great! Goals like paying off debt or growing your side-hustle so you can someday quit your job are totally admirable goals worth striving for. The problem is, they aren’t actionable. Rather, they should be made up of a hundred small, actionable tasks that you’ll tackle along the way.

So rather than setting long-term goals and then setting and forgetting them, write down your long-term goal and then write down daily, weekly, and monthly steps you can take to help you reach them.

Going back to the example of paying off debt, there are tons of smaller, more actionable goals you can tackle to get there! Those would include starting a budget, cutting back on your spending, and possibly even picking up a side-hustle to bring in some more money to put toward your debt.

Yes, long-term goals are intimidating and easy to lose track of. But they’re also super worth it because they tend to be the loftiest goals that will have the greatest impact on your life.

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You Give Up When You Hit a Roadblock

I can pretty much promise you that when you’re working to reach goals that are truly important to you, you’re going to hit setbacks along the way. Some might be smaller ones that allow you to quickly get back up, brush off, and keep going. Some might be larger and even require you to put your goals on hold momentarily.

Regardless of what your goals are, you’ll definitely never reach them if you give up when you hit those roadblocks. Instead of letting that discourage you and lose faith in yourself, make a game plan for yourself for getting back on track and achieving your goals in spite of the setbacks you’ve faced along the way. The hard work you have to put in along the way will make your goals all the more worth it when you’ve finally reached your destination.

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Are you having trouble achieving your goals? These are just a few reasons you might be struggling! If you’ve faced these struggles, be sure to leave a few words of encouragement in the comments of others who are facing these challenges!

6 Reasons You Aren't Achieving Your Goals - Goal-setting is great, but it’s the follow-through that really counts for achieving them! Here are 6 reasons you might not be achieving your goals.


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