Being able to automate my blog promotion has been absolutely essential in growing my blog traffic as much as I have. Blogging can take so much time, and I could honestly fill every minute of free time promoting those posts. At some point, it just got to be too much, and I had to find ways to automate. In this post, I’m sharing some tools you can use to automate your blog promotion.

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Tailwind quickly became one of my favorite blogging tools, and I and I saw an increase in my blog traffic almost immediately when I started using it (as well as a decrease in the amount of time I have to spend on Pinterest.) Tailwind is the tool I use to share my new blog posts, to continue circulating my old blog posts, and to share other posts that I find on Pinterest and think my audience would enjoy. It makes it super easy to scroll through my Pinterest feed and schedule repins so I can constantly be active on the site without having to constantly be on the site. Since Pinterest is by far my biggest source of blog traffic, it’s essential that I keep my audience interested!

Tailwind does have a free trial, as well as a few different payment plans if you decide to take the leap. The most economical plan is the annual plan, which saves you $60 per year and allows for an unlimited number of pins, which the monthly plan does not.


After trial and error on multiple Instagram planners and schedulers, Planoly is the one I’ve found to be my favorite. It has all the qualities I want when planning my Instagram feed, including a drag and drop view of potential posts to make sure my Instagram feed is cohesive and planned in advance. One quality I love from this scheduler than many others lack is the ability to type my captions out on the computer! I tend to go a bit more long-form for my captions, which can be a huge hassle on the phone. It’s just so much quicker to type them out on the computer, and Planoly allows me to do that. I had actually been eyeing Planoly for awhile, and finally pulled the trigger when they created a free plan for those posting 30 or fewer images per month (which I do.) And if I ever start posting more images per month, I can easily upgrade for what comes out to $7/month (which is still cheaper than the others I’ve seen.)

Please note, Planoly and other Instagram schedulers cannot actually post for you, they just remind you when it’s time and get the post ready for you.


Hootsuite is what I currently use to schedule my Tweets. It’s free (though they have an upgraded plan as well) and super easy to use. Though I’m not a huge fan of the interface, their free plan is more comprehensive than other schedulers I have tried.


If I were going to pay for a scheduler for tweets, Facebook posts, etc., Buffer would be it. I used to pay for their upgraded monthly plan to schedule all of my social media, including Pinterest! However, their free plan doesn’t offer nearly as many scheduled posts as Hootsuite, so I stopped using them when I decided to opt for a free plan instead. However, if you’re willing to pay a small monthly fee for your social media scheduling, I would choose Buffer.


I wanted to include this one because instead of using an outside scheduler for my Facebook posts, I just schedule them directly in the Facebook scheduler. Since they have a scheduler there, it doesn’t make sense for me to look for one elsewhere. I’ve also read repeatedly (though I can’t confirm this and haven’t tested it myself) that Facebook gives more weight to those posts scheduled in their own scheduler, so your followers may be more likely to see your post.


Instead of promoting my blog content for me on my social media channels, Shareaholic is a WordPress plugin that allows others to promote my blog content for me on their social media channels. As you’ll see, I have social share buttons at the top of each post, as well as along the right side of my site. These make it super quick and easy for readers to share my posts with their own followers. Sometimes people really enjoy a blog post but don’t think to share it with others, but the share buttons might be a reminder for them. And for those who already know they want to share the post, having a super easy way to do so will make them more likely to follow through.

What are your favorite tools to use for blog promotion?

Tools to Automate Your Blog Promotion - Writing blog posts and promoting them on social media takes a ton of time. The best way to cut down on this is to automate! These tools will help you automate your blog promotion | Blogging, Business, Side Hustle


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