I love blogging, but let’s be honest. Sometimes it is a ton of work and you just need to take a blogging break, whether it’s to focus on things going on in other areas of your life or just to regroup and find your passion for blogging again.

This year was my least consistent year as far as blogging goes, and included a two-month break early in the year. If you’ve taken a break from your blog and are ready to dive back in, follow these four steps first!

get back into blogging after a break

Reevaluate Your Purpose

Before jumping in by posting about your original blog categories, spend some reevaluating what the purpose of your blog is, or rather what you would like the purpose of your blog to be. It’s totally okay (and natural) to shift the focus of your blog over time.

If your blog’s original purpose is no longer inspiring you, consider what you might like to write about instead. The content on my blog has changed significantly since I started years ago. What started as a very broad lifestyle blog has shifted into a far more focused site with a real purpose.

It’s also entirely possible that not feeling passionate about your blog’s purpose is what caused you to take a hiatus in the first place, and changing your focus may help re-inspire you!

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Perform Some Blog Maintenance

If you’ve been away from your blog for awhile, chances are there is some maintenance that needs to be done before you dive back in.

Start with the technical stuff like fixing broken links, and updating any themes or plugins that need updating.

Then you can move onto more aesthetic and substantive updates. Take another look at your bio or about page and see if anything needs updating. Really evaluate your blog’s theme and style and see if you’d like to make some changes there, whether big or small.

The break I took from blogging earlier this year actually ended with a total site overhaul! I wasn’t feeling inspired by my current site and I knew I needed a change, so I completely updated my blog, including the name! Once that was out of the way, I was so excited to jump back into writing and posting regularly.

Brainstorm Post Ideas

The reason you took an extended break from your blog might be that you were too busy to make time to write. We’re just coming off the holiday season, so that totally makes sense! But the reason might also be that you were feeling uninspired and weren’t sure what to write about.

If your break was the cause of lack of post ideas, a brainstorm session is definitely in order before you jump back in! I try to have a brainstorm session pretty regularly so I always have a running list of post ideas. I’ll just open a notebook and make a column for each category on my blog. Then I’ll jump around from category to category writing down post ideas. Some of these ideas might never make it to the blog, but getting them down on paper helps flush them out and helps me figure out what I really want to write about.

I also frequently get inspiration from post ideas from other areas, specifically from my everyday life, so I try to get these down on paper right away before I forget about them.

Once you have a solid list of post ideas, it will be so much easier to plan out content for the coming weeks or months and make sure you’ll always have something you’re excited to write about.

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Create a Content Plan

Now that you’ve gotten your inspiration back, reevaluated your blog’s purpose, and have come up with a solid list of blog post ideas, it’s time to make a content plan for yourself! Having a posting schedule not only gives your readers an idea of when to expect new blog posts from you, but it also gives you some accountability for what your blogging workload will look like.

Come up with a posting schedule that works for you, whether that means posting three times per week or once per month. Remember, it’s not about quantity. It’s about quality and consistency!

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Have you taken a blogging break recently? Following these tips will definitely help you get back on track!

How to Get Back into Blogging After a Break - If you’ve taken a blogging break and are ready to dive back in, follow these four steps first to come back feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your blog goals!


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