Blogging is an industry that is changing constantly. Because of that, it can be super hard to keep up with the changes and to know what you should and should not be doing on your blog! In this post, I want to share some blogging mistakes I see a lot of bloggers make, especially when they’re just starting out. Make sure you aren’t making any of these blogging mistakes on your own website!

blogging mistakes

You Don’t Have Branding

Part of getting readers to continue to return to your blog is building a relationship with them. And one important way you can do that is through branding. When your readers can immediately identify your brand and your writing, you know you’ve done this well!

Branding is made up a few key pieces. First, there is the visual aesthetic. This includes the colors and fonts you use on your blog, so make sure to narrow it down to just a few and use the same ones everywhere on your blog and social media. That way, when someone spots one of your posts on Pinterest, they immediately know it came from your blog because they recognize your branding. And because they love your blog, they are sure to click over.

Branding also includes your blogging voice. While you want your posts to be helpful to your readers, you also want a post that is going to be genuinely fun to read and that is going to show your personality. When one of your regular readers reads one of your posts, you want them to recognize it as you and feel like you’re having a conversation with them.

You Have Low-Quality Photos

This one is kind of a bummer for those of us (myself included) who aren’t great at photography, but it’s just a fact of blogging at this point – it’s a very visual industry. Photos are super important! Not only do you want your blog to be filled with nice photos so your website isn’t an eyesore, but the photos you share on social media are going to be the biggest factor in getting people from your social media pages to your blog.

For those of us who aren’t great at photography, there are still options. Most of the photos I share on my blog and social media are stock photos. I add my branding to them, but it allows me to have high-quality images that will drive people back to my blog without actually being good at photography!

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Your Blog is Difficult to Navigate

When a new reader stumbles onto your blog, regardless of how they get there, your website is the first impression they will have of your blog. If they enjoyed your blog post and want to read more but can’t seem to figure out where on your blog to do that, they probably aren’t going to stick around. It’s important to make someone’s first visit to your blog as seamless and as easy as possible.

You also want to make it super easy for them to follow you elsewhere as well! This means having super easy-to-find links back to your social media pages, as well as multiple places they can sign up for your email list.

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You Aren’t Being Consistent

When you first start blogging, you might read articles telling you that you should be posting on your blog daily in order to keep your traffic up and your readers interested. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

What your readers really want is consistency. Pick a posting schedule and try to stick with it. My blog posts always, pretty much without fail, go up on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so by now, my readers know that’s what they can expect from me.

You’re Focusing on Quantity Instead of Quality

Like I mentioned above, posting quality content on your blog is far more important than posting on a daily basis. When I first started this blog I was posting five days per week, but they weren’t quality posts and didn’t provide a lot of value to my readers.

Now I post twice per week but am posting longer content and am able to provide significantly more value. When it comes to quality versus quantity, quality is always more important. One weekly post of 1,000 words that provides a ton of value is preferable to 5 short posts that aren’t providing real benefit to your readers.

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Your Blog is Too Broad

I think “lifestyle” blogs and blogs that talk about several topics are fine and obviously can still be super successful. However, you’re going to struggle to retain readers if you have a blog that talks to everyone about everything. While I blog about several different topics, there is a common thread between all of them that allows me to have a very specific type of reader. And multiple reader surveys in the past have told me that is exactly who is reading my blog.

So if you’re opposed to the idea of choosing a niche for your website, that’s okay. But try to narrow down your target reader as specifically as possible. Because when those readers find your blog, they’re going to stick around because they will feel like each and every post is written just for them.

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Your Writing Has No Personality

Yes, your readers come to your blog to read the awesome advice you share. However, they could probably find that advice elsewhere as well. The real reason they come to you for that advice rather than getting it somewhere else is your personality!

Your readers are identifying with you through your writing style and the personal tidbits you slip into your blog posts. I’m far more likely to really care about returning to a blog over and over again if I feel that I’m really connecting with the writer.

You Aren’t Promoting Your Content

If you’re just writing your blog posts, putting them on your blog, and calling it a day, then you’re missing the most important element to getting readers to your blog. Most people aren’t just going to stumble on your blog and with the exception of your most regular readers, most people aren’t going to remember to check back for new blog posts.

Even for blogs I really enjoy reading, I click over to their new posts when they pop up on my social media news feeds, not because I’m checking the site daily.

There are a ton of different ways for you to go about promoting your blog posts. You can share them on each of your social media pages, as well as send them out to your email subscribers. And don’t just promote those posts once! I keep promoting posts long after they first appeared on my blog and some of my older posts get a ton of traffic because of that.

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Are you making any of these blogging mistakes? Let me know in the comments!


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