I don’t know about you, but I have definitely struggled with low confidence throughout my life. I feel like we all do at some point. The important thing is pushing past it, and finding ways to boost confidence once and for all!

Squash Self-Doubt

Self-doubt is, without a doubt, a massive killer of self-confidence. Sometimes it creeps up on you when you least expect it. Sometimes you might actually be feeling super confident, then the self-doubt sneaks in and suddenly you’re not so sure. Come up with a few mantras to help you squash your self-doubt and remind yourself that you are awesome, totally competent, and have every reason to be confident in yourself.

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Surround Yourself With Positive People

It’s amazing the impact that negative people can have on your self-confidence. Perhaps it’s that they regularly knock you down, causing you to question yourself. Or maybe it’s just that their negative attitude causes you to have a negative view on the world in general, including your confidence. Either way, don’t let someone else’s poor attitude bring you down. Surround yourself with people who help you boost confidence and make you feel awesome about yourself.

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Be Prepared

When I was going through school, a great source of anxiety was always public speaking. There’s an entire class in both high school and college dedicated to forcing you to get up in front of others and speak, which is stressful enough. Then there was my capstone class for my major, where we had to present a massive research paper, and prepare to have our research questioned and picked apart by professors and classmates alike. Basically my nightmare. However, being put into these situations forced me to cope with public speaking. I found that the best way for me to go into a speech or presentation feeling confident was to be prepared. I would literally memorize my speech word for word so I wouldn’t have to use notes. While you don’t necessarily have to go that far, being prepared can be a huge confidence booster in stressful situations!

Set Small Goals

For me, just being able to cross something off of my to-do list is a huge confidence booster. Because of this, I know that setting small goals that I can easily attain will help me boost confidence, and give me the motivation and confidence to keep going with what I’m working on.


Exercise is one of those things that I dread doing, but I’m always glad once I’ve done it and feel awesome about myself. Even if you’re not a big fitness person, choose a super low-key activity you can do like walking or going for a bike ride. I swear you’ll feel better about yourself afterward!

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

I’m going to be honest, my comfort zone is pretty dang small. I don’t step outside of it regularly. But when I do, I always feel more confident afterward. Let’s use this blog as an example. A few years ago, I never would have had the confidence to put myself out there on the internet. Heck, when I first considered starting a blog, I wasn’t even going to use my real picture or identity because I was so nervous and embarrassed! But why? Looking back, I don’t know. Now that I’ve done it, I absolutely feel more confident in my online presence and kick myself for even thinking of not creating this online space. Stepping outside your comfort zone might be just the thing you need to boost confidence.

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What do you do to boost confidence?