While I definitely believe that blogging has allowed me to become a more confident person, there have definitely been times in my blogging journey where I haven’t felt confident at all. For something with as many ups and downs and as much work as blogging requires, we’re bound to question our abilities from time to time, and our confidence is bound to slip occasionally. But the thing is, you should feel confident in your blog, and that’s what I want to talk about in this blog post.


feel more confident in your blog





Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Bloggers


I think this is probably the single biggest trap that bloggers fall into that causes their confidence to falter. There are so, so many bloggers out there and no matter where you look, you’ll be able to find someone you deem to be more successful than you or better than you or someone who has more page views or better images. I know I do it! But there are a few different problems with this. First of all, we’re all at different stages of our blogger careers. Some are beginners – and while some stay in the beginner stage for months, some stay there for years, and that’s okay.

The second problem here is that we all have different measurements for success. What is successful for you is not for someone else, and vice versa. Blogging is such a unique field that there are no rules for what success looks like! And someone else’s success does not mean your failure. Your chances of success have nothing to do with someone else’s success.


Admit You Aren’t Perfect


How many times have you tinkered away at a blog post until you became frustrated with yourself because you couldn’t get it just perfect? Well, I’ve got a news flash for you. There’s no such thing as perfect. You aren’t perfect. Your blog post won’t be perfect. But neither will the post on anyone else’s blog. No matter how long you edit a post or stare at an image in Photoshop, perfect doesn’t exist. In large part, this goes back to the fact that there are no rules in blogging for what success looks like, meaning there are also no rules for what perfect looks like.

Once you admit that you won’t be perfect, you can learn to be happy with yourself and with your blog exactly as you are.


Make a Folder of Kind Reader Words


There are definitely times where I don’t feel altogether confident in my blog. But there’s nothing that boosts that confidence like hearing from people someone who loves your blog and has found inspiration from it. Because of that, I save emails from readers responding to blog posts or my weekly emails, or those who email just because. I also have a folder on my computer where I save screenshots of blog comments and social media shout-outs where readers are loving on my blog. Anytime I’m feeling down on myself, those words are sure to bring me back up.


Keep Working At It


It’s entirely possible that you won’t ever feel 100% confident in your blog – most bloggers I know don’t, even the super successful ones! As bloggers, we’re always improving, and that’s a great place to turn your energy when you’re feeling down. Instead of focusing on where your blog falls short, focus instead on working hard and making it better where you can.


Write For Yourself


Once you start publishing your writing online and people start reading it, you really aren’t writing just for yourself anymore. However, don’t write about things you don’t care about or aren’t passionate about simply because someone else wants you to. For your content to be truly great, you and your readers both have to love it. Find that happy medium where you’re happy, and so are your readers.




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