When it comes to personal development, you would be amazed the impact that the simplest of good habits can have. Something that takes mere minutes each day can make you a happier, healthier, more productive person. This post is sharing seven daily habits you can incorporate that just might change your life.

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Practice Gratitude and Positive Thinking

This year has been a really difficult and emotionally taxing year for me. And there have been plenty of times this year where it’s been really difficult for me to stay positive and difficult to think of anything to be grateful for. And there have been plenty of times where, even though I knew I had plenty to be grateful for, I didn’t want to think about them because I just wanted to be sad or angry.

However, gratitude and positive thinking have also prevented this year from being even worse. Forcing myself to look at the positive and awesome things in my life has at times been able to completely turn around my mood, and has helped me to have so much more of a positive outlook on the future.

So if you’re going through something difficult right now, or even if you aren’t and things are great in your life, take a little bit of time each day to mentally list (or write down) things you are grateful for and continue to remind yourself of positive thoughts.

Plan Ahead

While the idea of taking time out of your already busy day to write a to-do list may sound counterproductive, I promise it’s not. Writing a daily to-do list for yourself makes it infinitely easier to tackle your tasks for the day.

Having a list written ahead of time means you aren’t letting things fall through the cracks and aren’t scrambling at the last minute to remember tasks. It also means you can prioritize your tasks ahead of time so you know you’re knocking out the most important tasks first. It’s a simple exercise that, if done daily, can help make you way more productive and save you lots of time!

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Make Time For Exercise

As much as I dread working out after a long day of work, I’m always so glad I found the time and motivation to do it. Exercise is awesome both mentally and physically.

Physically, I feel so much better when I’m working out. If fitness isn’t your thing, even a long walk in the evenings can be super beneficial.

And I see even more mental and emotional benefits from working out. It’s a great way for me to clear my head and let out all of my frustrations in a long run.

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Go To Bed Earlier

I’ve always had trouble falling asleep at night and tend to keep myself busy until far too late to avoid laying in bed restlessly and unable to sleep. However, I’m also someone who needs a lot of sleep to be on top of my game, and the lack of sleep tends to catch up with me. I’ve made a few changes such as getting ready for bed earlier, avoiding my phone late at night and reading instead, and meditating to try to clear my mind and help me fall asleep.

Track Your Spending

Having gone through a divorce in 2017, my financial situation has changed significantly and I have had to adjust my spending habits accordingly. One of the daily habits that has been most beneficial for me has been tracking my spending.

Previously, I would have swiped my credit card without giving it much though. Now, I keep track of every purchase I make and set a firm budget for myself for each spending category. By keeping up with this every day, it takes almost no time at all (after the initial time investment of creating the budget in the first place) and is totally worth the extra few minutes!

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Clean Every Day

I will preface this one by saying that I live in a studio apartment, so cleaning takes significantly less time for me than it does for most people. However, since I live in such a small space, the clutter tends to take over much faster, making regular cleaning super necessary.

I’m not saying you need to tackle a large cleaning project or deep clean the house every day, however, there are a few basic things you can do daily to keep your home looking nice all the time.

Every evening, take a quick lap around your home and pick up and clutter that has accumulated throughout the day. Clean off all the surfaces in your home, and wipe them down if necessary. Get all the dishes put in the dishwasher and clean the kitchen counters. Just these few quick tasks every day will keep your home looking nicer, and will make it easier to jump in when you are ready to deep clean.


This is something that is relatively new for me, but I feel like it has already made a difference in my days. I’ve always been an anxious person, and tend to not handle stress in the healthiest ways. I also spend a lot of time stuck in my own mind, overthinking everything. After reading about meditation from many others who struggle in the same way I do, I wanted to give it a shot.

Meditation has been really beneficial for me in decreasing my anxiety and stress and calming my emotions. It’s been really calming both physically and emotionally and has helped me with falling asleep at night, something that has always been a struggle for me.

There are so, so many websites, articles, and apps out there meant you help you start meditating. I’ve been using an app called Headspace at the recommendation of several others. The guided meditations start at 3 minutes, but you can increase the time as you become more comfortable with it.


Do you practice any of these daily habits? Have you noticed a positive impact they have made in your life?

Daily Habits That Can Change Your Life - Something that takes mere minutes each day can make you a happier, healthier, more productive person. This post is sharing seven daily habits you can incorporate that just might change your life. | Personal Development, Self Improvement