I’ve been talking about habits a lot lately around this blog. And there’s a good reason for that. Creating positive, effective habits is the cornerstone to creative balance and productivity in your life (which I obviously like to talk about a lot!) I’ve talked a bit on the blog about struggling with stress and anxiety, and today I want to share with you all some daily habits you can incorporate for stress relief.


Disconnect After Business Hours

Thanks to the invention of smartphones and WiFi, we’re pretty much always connected. That means we’re always connected to our friends and family, but also to our jobs. A lot of times we don’t even realize how much stress this adds to time that should be totally relaxing! Instead of spending your free time being proactive and choosing activities you’re excited about, you’re being reactive and focusing on what other people need from you!

So turn that work email off from your phone when you get home and ignore it until Monday morning. If you’re a blogger, that means having the self-control to not hop on social media for blog purposes at all hours of the day, night and weekend.


Am I the only one who slightly dreads their workouts before they happen? It might take a heck of a lot of motivation to get started, but I always feel better after the workout. I feel better about myself, but I also feel my stress start to slip away when I start sweating! My favorite workout to get my stress out is kickboxing, but something as simple as walking can help relieve some stress!

Get More Sleep

It’s probably not much of a surprise to anyone that lack of sleep can add a ton of stress! Try shutting down the electronics half an hour earlier from now on and see how it goes!

Create Routines

For me, chaos and disorganization are a huge source of stress. And I instantly feel some of that stress slipping away when I’ve gotten myself organized and put a routine in place. For me my morning and evening routines are essential, and I have incorporated routines into my blog work and my full-time job as well.

Lesson Your Commitments

When you have a full-time job and a side hustle, it’s hard to draw the line. You don’t want to say no to your boss or your coworkers, you don’t have to say no to opportunities that could help grow your blog, and you don’t want to say no to family and friends. Here’s the thing, though. At some point, you have to say no. You only have so much to give, and sometimes you need to be selfish with your time. Figure out what must stay, and cut the rest.

What daily habits do you practice for stress relief?