Have you looked in the mirror lately and picked out something you don’t like about yourself? Have you procrastinated on a major project and kicked yourself later for it? Have you compared yourself to someone else and felt inferior?

These are all destructive habits. They knock us down when we should be building ourselves up. They push us a few steps backward in life when we should be taking a few steps forward.

We’re all guilty of them, and we all continue to let them creep up once in a while. But let’s not let them define us, okay? Let’s quit those destructive habits that are bringing us down.

Today I’m sharing a few destructive habits we all need to quit, and we’ll all be better for it!


Destructive Habits We Need to Quit





Quit Procrastinating


I’m no stranger to procrastination, and I’m guessing you aren’t either. Let’s face it, anyone who has found themselves with a massive college paper to write has been a good friend of procrastination.

I’ll probably never be able to shake it completely. There are always going to be evenings when I settle in on the couch to binge-watch my favorite show instead of doing the dishes after dinner. I’m also grateful for the procrastination I’ve learned to overcome.

I’m grateful I taught myself to plan and write my blog posts ahead of time so I’m not staring at a blinking cursor 10 minutes before a sponsored post is due. I’m grateful for the dedication I’ve developed so I’m not explaining to my boss why I haven’t finished a project in a timely manner.

There are so many things that can go wrong in life, so let’s overcome this one challenge of procrastination so the reason we don’t get that promotion or get that great opportunity isn’t that we procrastinated on something we could control.


Quit Comparing Yourself


Let me preface this by saying that sometimes comparison is okay. If you’re starting or running a business, comparison research is something you can and should be doing. But when it comes to you, it’s time to stop comparing.

Don’t compare your wardrobe or makeup collection to the woman next to you. Don’t compare your weight, height, or physical abilities. Don’t compare your salary or the size of your apartment. Don’t compare your blog to someone else’s and fret because you have 5,000 page views every month while they have 50,000.

Because honestly, those things don’t matter. Getting jealous that someone else has more page views than you isn’t going to make your blog grow faster. And comparing your life to someone else’s isn’t going to make yours better.

That woman you hate because she has something you don’t? She probably worked her ass off to get all those page views, and there’s a good chance she’s been blogging a lot longer than you have. So keep your eyes on your own lane, and I promise you’ll keep moving forward.


Quit Dwelling on What You Cannot Change


There are so many things that can go wrong in life. Like, a scary amount. And one of the most frightening things is that we can’t control many of them.

And yet somehow those are the things we ultimately end up dwelling on the most. I’m sure I’m not the only one! Instead, focus your attention only on the things you can control and learn to let the rest of it go.


Quit Regret


We all have things in our life we regret. It’s universal. Whether it was a cruel thing we said to a loved one during a moment of anger, or something as simple as a bad grade because we spent the night watching Netflix instead of studying.

But what we can’t do is let our regret define and direct our life. Learn from your mistakes, and move on from them. Because for every one thing you’ve done wrong, that perhaps you regret, you’ve done so many more awesome things worthy of dwelling on.


Quit Defeating Self-Talk


Why do we do this? Why do we speak negatively to and about ourselves? I’m certainly not innocent.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked in the mirror and pointed out something I dislike about myself. I’m guessing you’ve been there too. But you know what? My appearance doesn’t determine my worth.

Try to see yourself through the eyes of those that love you. Because I promise they aren’t looking at you and picking out the things they dislike. To truly achieve self-love (which we should all be striving for) we need to learn to see ourselves through those eyes.


Quit Being Too Afraid


This is one of the destructive habits I’m most guilty of. To be honest, I’m someone who is afraid of a lot. I’m afraid to try new things, afraid to look stupid, afraid of failing. Throughout high school and college, I skipped out on a lot of experiences because I was too afraid.

Even today, there are opportunities I miss out on and I blame it on being shy or nervous. But we need to move past that. If I had been too afraid to start a blog when I knew I wanted to, my life would be very different today.

Look at the things you’ve accomplished when you weren’t too afraid. And when you feel the fear creeping up, remember those moments and those accomplishments.




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