Staying organized is essential for me in my career and my personal life, and I definitely wouldn’t have been able to stay on top of my blog tasks as well without being organized! I wanted to share just a few of my best tips for you, with 8 habits of highly organized people.

habits of highly organized people

They Write Things Down

I know from personal experience that a task is more likely to get done if I write it down somewhere. Organized people take advantage of to-do lists and planners to organize their life and ensure they’re staying on top of all tasks. I have a slight obsession with to-do lists, and sell plenty in my shop!

They Tackle One Task At a Time

As fantastic as it would be to be able to multi-task all the time, organized people know that multi-tasking breeds disorganization and leads to things falling through the cracks. While it’s okay to multi-task the simpler tasks that don’t take much brain power, organized people learn to tackle the essential tasks one at a time to be as productive as possible.

They Minimize

Organized people know that their surroundings play a huge factor in determining their productivity. In an environment filled with clutter and stuff, it’s difficult to know where to focus. When you’ve minimized your workspace and created a clean, minimal environment for yourself, you’ll find it easier to stay organized and focus on what is in front of you.

They Plan Ahead

Organized people know what’s coming. I love my daily to-do lists, but sometimes I need a slightly wider scope of what to plan for in order to stay organized. I love this weekly planner for that! It’s super simple and allows you to quickly plan out the essentials for your week.

They Utilize Tools

Organized people aren’t doing it all on their own. They’ve found tools to fuel and streamline their organization. For some, it might be online tools such as while others might prefer a paper planner to stay organized. Either way, organized people have learned to utilize the tools available to them.

They Set Priorities

Organized people know how to identify priorities and stick to them. Picture this: you’re sitting at your desk, knowing you need to knock a few things off the to-do list today. You’re not feeling particularly motivated, so you choose a few of the easy, nonessential items and knock them each out in a few minutes. Sure, it might feel good to cross those things off the list, but are those real priorities? Instead of ordering your tasks by which are easiest, order them by the level of priority so you’re knocking the essential tasks out first, even if they’re more time-consuming.

They Know When to Say No

Organized people can acknowledge when their plate is full and know to say no when appropriate. We all only have so much time in the time jar and organized people know that overflowing the time jar is counter-productive, not to mention can have a negative effect on your mental health!

They Start The Day Organized

Organized people start the morning on the right foot. (Confession: this is where I struggle the most!) They start the day by making the bed, putting themselves in a productive mindset, and writing themselves a to-do list for the day. Remember #1? Writing things down is essential for organization!


What are your favorite habits for staying organized?

8 Habits of Highly Organized People | Struggling with organization or productivity? Here are a few habits used by highly organized people that might help you!


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