We all have moments where we feel down on ourselves. It’s pretty much inevitable. But what you might not be aware of is that there are some daily habits that can create low self-esteem. I encourage you to read through them and consider which you might be incorporating into your life, and which you could eliminate to help boost your self-esteem.


Habits That Create Low Self-Esteem







I’ve said this countless times before on this blog, but comparison is one of the worst habits we can have for our self-esteem! It’s a nasty trap that all of us have fallen into at one point or another. Whether it’s about our appearance, the clothes in our closet, the amount of makeup in our vanity, the grades on our report card, or the success of our blog, it comes in all forms.

Not only is comparison bad for our self-esteem, but it’s also a waste of time because it puts our focus on someone else, instead of ourselves!


Trying to Please Everyone


For someone who is a people-pleaser, the idea of not trying to please everyone and not saying yes to everyone can be stressful! But as hard as it is to believe, you’re actually letting yourself (and others) down more when you try to please everyone.

Because seriously, we can’t please everyone. We’ll never be able to. And that feeling of letting someone down after you’ve tried so hard to please them is awful for our self-esteem. From now on, work on you first, and then slowly add more responsibility, instead of attempting to do it all from the beginning.


Failing to Plan


I don’t think this one applies to everyone, but it definitely does for me! Literally, nothing stresses me out more than being disorganized and feeling like I’ve lost control of my surroundings.

That’s a huge reason why I am diligent about to-do lists and my planner. When you feel disorganized, procrastinate, and get behind on things, it’s easy for your self-esteem to suffer.


Lack of Activity


For me, physical activity is always a big self-esteem booster. So it makes perfect sense that a lack of activity can be harmful to your self-esteem! A lack of activity can make me really lethargic, tired, and increasingly negative. None of these is a plus for feeling good about ourselves.


Negative Self-Talk


I feel like we should all know this one by now, but negative self-talk is definitely hurting your self-esteem! We need to stop telling ourselves that we aren’t thin enough, aren’t smart enough, aren’t popular enough, etc. Let’s get rid of this one now!




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Habits That Hurt Your Self-Esteem | Struggling with your confidence and self-esteem? These habits might actually be making it worse!

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