It wasn’t until after college that I started to really focus on living a healthy lifestyle. In high school, I was in all the sports, so I never had to think about fitness. And my metabolism was still fast enough that I didn’t have to think about eating healthy either. In college, I wasn’t as active but didn’t give much thought to fitness or working out. I still walked a ton getting around campus. Since college, it’s become more of a focus for me, largely because I spend more than 9 hours per day sitting at a desk, and Taco Bell three times per week no longer seems like the appropriate choice. I wanted to share with you guys a few healthy lifestyle changes you can make today that are totally free!

Change Your Mindset

When it comes to making healthy lifestyle changes, your mindset is half the battle! I think a big way to tackle this part is by knowing your why? WHY do you want to start working out? WHY do you want to start eating healthier? Instead of setting a goal that has an end-point (I want to eat healthier so I can lose X pounds) set a goal to make a permanent lifestyle change (I want to eat healthier so I can have more energy and feel more comfortable in my body.) If you choose a goal with an end-point, like the first one, you run the risk of abandoning the habit when you’ve reached your end goal. Then, a year or two down the road, you’ll likely be back at square one.

Start a Fitness Routine

Don’t be intimidated by this. A fitness routine can look different for everyone. For some, it looks like an hour at the gym, intense cardio, and weightlifting. For others, it looks like walking the dog every evening. Don’t feel like your fitness routine has to measure up to anyone else’s. If you’re aiming for something you aren’t comfortable with, you likely won’t make it long. The great thing is, fitness can be free! There are SO many YouTube videos available online with every workout imaginable, and it costs nothing to go for a walk or a run outside!

Trade Out Soda for Water

Of all the lifestyle changes I’ve made, trading out soda for water is the one I’ve physically felt the most. I used to drink a lot of soda. Now my it really takes a toll on my body when I drink it, and I just don’t feel well the rest of the day. There are so many healthier alternatives out there (water being the healthiest.) I still have my coffee in the morning, so consider switching to coffee or tea if you need the caffeine boost.

Use SPF Every Day

I’m still counting this one as free because, since you’re probably already using a daily moisturizer, you can just trade it out for one that has SPF in it! You can also find foundations and BB Creams that have SPF in them so you don’t even have to think about it.

Keep a Food Diary

Before you decide you need to completely change up your diet, try keeping a food diary for a week! It’s amazing what you can learn about your eating habits. It’s a great way to identify mindless snacking, to see which meals kept you full and which had you eating again an hour later, and pick out unhealthy habits. Then you can start small by picking out one eating habit from your food diary that you want to change. Maybe you want to trade out that pastry you usually have mid-morning for some fruit of veggies! Or maybe you want to trade in your unhealthy breakfast for something that will keep you full longer, so you don’t have to eat again as soon.

What healthy lifestyle changes have you been making lately? Tell me in the comments!