I’m not naturally what you would call a “morning person”. Ask my mom or anyone else who has ever had to share a room with me, I’m pretty good at making mornings WAY more difficult than they need to be. 

And yet, I’ve always found myself so jealous of those morning people who could hop out of bed at the crack of dawn and be super productive while I continued to sleep for hours.

There are a LOT of things I could have been accomplishing in the morning but wasn’t, and I was constantly stressed in the mornings because I woke up late and was stressed for the first few hours of the day. Plus, studies show that morning people are often happier and more successful. Who doesn’t want to be one of those people??

After a LOT of trial and error, I finally figured out the formula that helped me to become a morning person. These 7 secrets just might help you become a morning person too!


7 Secrets to Help You Become a Morning Person

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Create a Morning Routine


A huge step to improving your mornings and learning to actually enjoy them is creating a morning routine. Knowing that I wanted to make a change with my mornings, I read and LOVED the book The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. I listened to a podcast ages ago where Hal was interviewed and talked about the book and just finally got around to reading it. I’ve noticed a huge difference both in the way I feel in the morning (I’m enjoying my mornings a LOT more) and in my level of productivity throughout the day since I started implementing the tips in this book.

In the book, he talks about getting up early and using that extra time to incorporate some really positive activities into your day that you’ll be able to carry with you the remainder of the day. He refers to these activities as the SAVERS:

  • Silence
  • Affirmations
  • Visualization
  • Exercise
  • Reading
  • Scribing (or writing)

After reading this book I was able to completely revamp my morning routine and noticed that it had a huge impact on the rest of my day!

If you’re interested in improving your mornings (and really your entire day) by creating a morning ritual, then I seriously recommend you read The Miracle Morning!


Have a Reason to Get Out of Bed


In order for me to consistently get up early every morning, I need to have something that actually makes me WANT to get up early. If I’m waking up early just because I feel like I “should” or because that’s what other people recommend, it’s going to be a non-starter.

Here are a few things that REALLY help me to want to get up in the morning:

  • I feel SO much better if I get some exercise first thing in the morning. For me this means yoga. It helps to wake me up and I just feel more energized all day.
  • I deal with a lot of anxiety, and two things I’ve found that help with my anxiety are meditation and journaling. I love making time for these things first thing in the morning because it just helps put me into the right mindset for the rest of the day.
  • I’m trying to grow a business while working a full-time job. Frankly, I need all the extra time I can get to work on my business. Getting up earlier gives me some extra super focused time to do that.

If you’re struggling to come up with a good reason to get up in the morning, first of all, it’s possible that you could just NOT get up earlier. If you’re happy with the time you’re getting up now and don’t have anything else you could be doing in the morning besides sleeping, by all means, keep sleeping!

However, if you really do want to become a morning person and start waking up earlier, these are some great examples of things that might help to motivate you!

I also find that Hal’s book The Miracle Morning is FULL of not only really productive things you can do first thing in the morning but also explanations as to WHY those are beneficial things to do in the morning.


Get Moving Right Away


For me, the best way to actually wake up myself up in the morning and STAY awake is to get my body moving pretty quickly. The idea of doing a cardio intensive workout first thing in the morning just doesn’t appeal to me, so I prefer to do yoga.

Yoga is relaxing, so it doesn’t feel like a shock to the system first thing in the morning – it feels like I’m waking up more naturally. However, it’s still enough movement to really wake me up.

To make it as EASY as possible for me to get my yoga in, I prepare everything the night before. This means setting out my yoga clothes, putting my yoga mat out in the living room, and picking a yoga video (my favorites are from SarahBethYoga or Yoga With Adriene)


Go to Bed Earlier


This probably seems like the MOST obvious tip on the list, but I’m going to share it anyway because I’m guessing most of us aren’t doing it!

Getting to bed at a decent time has ALWAYS been a struggle for me. For years I would stay up way too late binge-watching TV shows or binge-reading a book that I just could NOT bring myself to put down.

More recently, I’ve found myself staying up way too late working on my business (there’s just so much to do!).

Even on nights where I’ve made a genuine effort to get to bed earlier, it doesn’t really happen because I just don’t plan well. I tell myself I want to go to bed at 11. So at 11, I START getting ready for bed. But then by the time I’m actually getting into bed, it’s an hour later!

That’s why in addition to setting an alarm to get up in the morning, you can try setting an alarm to go to bed at night! First, figure out how long it takes you to get ready for bed (including washing your face, brushing your teeth, and anything else you do before bed). Then set your alarm early enough so you can get all of those things done, and get into bed at your goal bedtime.

Sure, things will always come up and keep you up late some evenings. But at least getting into the habit makes ALL the difference.


Create a Bedtime Routine


In addition to creating a morning routine for yourself, creating a bedtime routine can really help make your mornings easier as well.

First of all, having a calming and relaxing evening will ensure that you sleep better – meaning you’ll be more well rested and it will be easier to get up in the morning. So try making your bedtime routine as relaxing as possible! That might include a bath or a hot shower. And try to turn the screens off early and trade your phone in for a book.

Creating a routine for the night before will also allow you to get done some of the things you would normally do in the morning. Basically, do all the things the night before that would seem like an even bigger nuisance the next morning. Some examples for me are picking out my outfit, packing my lunch, and preparing the coffee maker. These things seem like they take no time at all in the evening, but can be super annoying in the morning.


Stop Hitting Snooze


I have always had the really bad habits of setting multiple alarms at 10-15 minute intervals. There are SO many problems with this!

First of all, I ended up waking up for the first time more than half an hour before I really HAD to get up. And then I would lose track of which alarm I was on and go back to sleep after the last alarm. This led me to being late for work a LOT.

I know a LOT of you can relate to this and have probably done the same thing. If not, you hit the snooze button over and over again!

Not only does this often lead to getting up later than you’re supposed to, but it creates a really unwelcome shock to your system OVER and OVER again. Why do that to yourself? Wouldn’t you much rather have your last half hour of sleep be restful?

One trick I learned from The Miracle Morning is to buy a regular alarm clock (one not on your phone) and place it on the other side of the room. This forces you to physically get out of bed to turn it off, making it a LOT more likely that you’ll stay up.

If you share a bed or a room with someone else and are worried that an alarm across the room might disturb them too much, try just setting ONE alarm with the snooze option turned off, and see if that helps force you out of bed since you know there isn’t a backup alarm coming.


Stick to Your Schedule (Even on Weekends)


If the idea of getting up earlier during the week sounds rough to you, then I’m guessing the idea of getting up early on the weekends sounds like a non-starter.

Here’s the problem that I would always run into though. I start the week determined to start getting up early. I follow all the other tips on this list and finally get into a good routine. But then the weekend rolls around and I’m out late with friends and then sleeping until 11 am. Then when I try to go to bed early on Sunday, it’s just not happening. And then I’m starting from scratch every week!

I don’t like the idea of getting up at 6 AM on the weekends any more than you do, so I created a compromise for myself. Ultimately, I try to get the same number of HOURS of sleep on the weekends as I do during the week. During the week I shoot for sleeping from 11 PM – 6 AM. So if I’m up until 1 AM on Friday night, I would let myself sleep in until 8 AM the next morning.

However, I also set a rule that I won’t sleep later than 9 AM. Even if I was out way too late, my alarm is going off at 9 AM to make sure that when bedtime rolls around on Sunday evening, I’m actually able to fall asleep.




I’ve never been a morning person and I’ve always thought the idea of getting up earlier than you HAD to sounded crazy.

But then I realized that:

  1. Mornings can be SUPER productive and a great way to get in some extra time for work, exercise, and personal development; and
  2. Waking up earlier isn’t actually as hard as I thought it would be.

If you’re working on becoming a morning person, give these tips an honest try and I think you’ll be surprised by the difference they can make!


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