For my first year of blogging, I blogged almost exclusively from the couch. I would be typing away while watching Netflix, sometimes holding my laptop on my lap, and sometimes using the coffee table as a desk.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t sustainable when I began spending more and more time blogging. I quickly became uncomfortable sitting on the couch, typically having back pain from leaning forward over my laptop for so long. The coffee table wasn’t cutting it as a desk, and my blogging stuff was taking over the entire living room.

Now I live in a studio apartment, meaning there’s even less room for a designated home office! Luckily I’ve learned to work with the space I have and create a home “office” space for myself where I can be super productive without letting it overflow into the rest of my apartment.

Living alone, I found that I was rarely if ever using my dining table to actually eat dinner, so I decided that would be my designated workspace. My laptop, camera, and any other blogging supplies I have reside there.

I’m able to keep the rest of the apartment clean of blogging stuff without having to hide all of my blogging supplies away every time I’m done with them.


home office





Rearrange the Bedroom


Depending on the size and furniture volume of your bedroom, this might be a good option for you. If you don’t have a ton of furniture, what you do have can easily be rearranged to make room for a desk in the corner. A small desk won’t take up much room at all.


Find an Unused Closet


I have seen so many fun pictures on Pinterest over the last couple of years of unused closets being repurposed into office space. If you have no other need for the closet, this is actually brilliant!

The space is likely the perfect size for a desk, and there will be space to add shelving (if it isn’t there already). You can liven the space up by adding a lamp, some storage, and some wallpaper or paint to the interior of the closet.


Repurpose a Room


Depending on the amount of space in your home, this may or may not work for you. If you’ve got a spare bedroom in your home, that is a great space to use as a home office.

Even if the room has a bed to be used as a guest bedroom, you might be able to make room in the corner for a small desk. For a time, I lived in an apartment that had a small breakfast nook. Since I didn’t have a dining table of any kind at the time, that space became my home office.


Create Storage


When you’re sticking a small desk into a corner for a makeshift office, there’s a good chance you don’t have space there for file cabinets or an organization system. Use what small space you have to create whatever storage you need. This might mean a small, vertical shelf next to the desk, a raised shelf on the desk or a wall shelf above the desk.

Maybe you don’t have much to store since blogging just requires your computer! But I love to print off planners, checklists, articles, etc. and fill them with notes and highlighter, so I definitely require the extra storage.




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