I’ll be the first person in the world to admit that I’ve not always been a morning person. It’s been a struggle my entire life. Right up until the time I graduated high school, my mom would practically have to drag me out of bed in the morning. In college, I learned after my freshman year not to schedule classes at 8 am, because I would frequently talk myself into sleeping through them. It wasn’t until relatively recently that I started really motivating myself to get up early and make my mornings more productive and more enjoyable. I want to share some of the tips I used with you for how to make mornings easier (even when you aren’t a morning person).

make mornings easier

Get Enough Sleep

This one seems so obvious, but I guarantee a lot of you aren’t doing it! I know how difficult it can be to go to bed at a decent hour. You’re binge-watching an awesome show on Netflix and you keep telling yourself that you’re just going to watch one more. Or you’re working on an awesome new project that you can’t seem to put down (I have on plenty of occasions stayed up most of the night working on this blog). But it’s important to fight those urges!

Sleep is so important and I guarantee morning won’t be quite as painful if you get a healthy amount of sleep. I used to end up staying awake until 1 or 2 a.m. most nights, but have started pushing myself to be in bed and reading my 10:30 at the latest, and putting my book down for sleep by 11.

Move the Alarm Clock

If you’re anything like me, you hit snooze too many times to count in the morning. Well, don’t give yourself that option! There are a few things you can do. You can shut off the snooze option on my alarms. So when you go to swipe, you know that you’re actually turning the alarm off.

A better option would be to move your alarm clock. Make it so you have to get out of bed to hit that alarm. Chances are once you’re up, you’re more likely to stay that way. I finally went out and purchased an alarm clock to put on the other side of the room instead of using my phone alarm, and it always gets me out of bed!

Establish a Routine

I’ve gotten pretty good about my morning routine, and I think this more than anything has helped me to get up in the mornings. The first ten minutes or so of my mornings are pretty much done on autopilot as I’m slowly waking up. I wash my face, brush my teeth, and by the time I’m done, I’m awake enough to do some yoga or reading.

Pick Out Clothes the Night Before

Picking out an outfit each day is always strangely difficult. I spend an embarrassingly long time staring at my clothes in my closet trying to decide what to wear. And it’s safe to say I just don’t have time for that in the morning. I’ve started picking out my outfits the night before so it’s waiting for me in the morning. I check my calendar to figure out what I’ve got going on that day, as well as checking the weather, and this helps the process go a bit quicker.

Pack a Lunch the Night Before

This isn’t just for efficiency purposes, but financial purposes as well. I don’t have time to make lunch built into my morning routine. If I were to make lunch in the morning, it would throw off my schedule and make me late. But what’s more likely is that if I don’t have lunch prepared already, I’ll just go out to lunch or order something at my desk. I would rather limit the money I spend on lunches. I plan my lunches for the week before I do my grocery shopping each weekend, and make my lunch each night for the following day.

Are you a morning person? What are your tips for a seamless morning?

How to Make Mornings Easier (When You Aren't a Morning Person) | If you're not a morning person, you'll love these tips for making mornings easier!