If you’re anything like me, you spend a fair bit of time and money online shopping. For most items, I tend to either purchase the items online or price them out online before purchasing in store. Shopping online gives you the ease of crossing things off the shopping list without having to leave your home, but it can also save you money! With the sales and coupons available online these days, you can get just about anything at a discounted rate. Today I’m sharing with you some tips to save money shopping online.


save money shopping online

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Ebates is definitely one of my favorite ways to save money shopping online! Though you can find some coupons, you primarily earn money by getting cash back on your purchases. Most stores just offer a few percent back, but it can really add up. And some stores (including Amazon) offer up to 10% back! Try it for yourself

I used to regularly forget to use it when shopping online and miss out on money I could have saved, but they now have a Chrome extension so it pops up in the corner to remind you to get your cash back! Try it for yourself here!




RetailMeNot is another great way to save money shopping online (or in stores!), and one that has saved me a lot of money over the years! Used as a website or an app, it basically compiles coupon codes. Search for the store you’re shopping at and it will give you any coupon codes it has!




Groupon won’t save you money on your everyday shopping like the two previous, but you can try some awesome new things at a discounted price! I love to use Groupon for restaurant gift cards and experiences. But you can also buy goods and vacations on Groupon as well!


Online Consignment Shops


When shopping for clothes and accessories, online consignment shops can be a great way to save money. One of my favorite online consignment shops is thredUp. They have amazing prices and almost new clothing. I’ve gotten quite a few pieces that I love! They also have a referral program and if you sign up here, you can $10 off your first order!


Email Subscriptions


I know, it can be obnoxious to get the daily emails from every store you’ve ever shopped at. I usually end up unsubscribing from their emails, especially the stores that literally do send something every day. But I would definitely stay subscribed to the newsletter for your favorite stores.

You’re the first to find out about sales, including those that last only a few hours and can receive premium discounts available to members only. If they bug you that much, you can set up a separate email address just for your promotional emails.


Abandon Your Shopping Cart


This might sound weird, but some stores will send you a nudge, along with a coupon code, if you have items sitting in your shopping cart for a while.


Reward Credit Cards


Reward credit cards can be an awesome way to save money to use in the future! There are so many options these days for credit cards that offer cash back.




Whenever you’re going to make an online purchase, just Google the product. I guarantee that in most cases you’ll either be able to find a coupon or you’ll find the product cheaper somewhere else.




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How to Save Money Shopping Online | I love how easy online shopping is, but those price tags can add up! If you love online shopping too, here are some tips to save you money!

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