Discovering how to stay motivated is something that has been on my mind for much of my life. Anyone who has ever tried to achieve anything has probably struggled with this fight for motivation. I struggled with it in high school. I struggled with it in college, motivating myself to try harder, study harder, work harder, etc. to make the absolute best of my college experience and get the best grades I was capable of. And today, I struggle with it more than ever. I waver in my motivation for blogging. I fail to plan ahead. I fail to improve in areas that I wanted to. I fall behind on new projects I wanted to accomplish. I also struggle with this in my personal life. Today I want to share some tips on how to stay motivated, because I know I’m not the only one who struggles with this!

how to stay motivated

Determine Your Why

What is your motivating force? Why are you doing this? For me, the things I regularly need motivation for are blogging, working out, and eating healthy. So I remind myself of my why. Why do I blog, and why should I push forward? Because I love blogging and I have some serious goals I want to achieve with this blog. Why do I work out and attempt to eat healthy? Because I want to be in shape and live a healthier lifestyle. Knowing your why will remind you of your ultimate motivation.

Set Goals

Start simple and progress from there. I like to make some major goals each month, along with several smaller goals. Achieving the small goals, no matter how small, gives me a boost of renewed motivation. Something else that has been really beneficial for me is writing those goals down.

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Tap Into Others’ Energy

Leaning on others and tapping into their energy can be a great way to boost yours. If you’re a blogger, just talking with another blogger and shooting around ideas can be a huge motivation booster. Often I come out of these discussions with tons of new ideas! The great thing about this is that tapping into their energy doesn’t cost them anything. Just like if you have a friend who needs renewed energy, building them up and tossing around ideas with them doesn’t cost you anything! That’s the great thing about this game. We can all win!

Reward Yourself

It’s important to reward yourself for your achievements. It’s awesome to accomplish a great goal and treat yourself for it. Find a reward that is most motivating for you whether it be a new pair of shoes, a trip to the spa, or something else.

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Allow for Change of Plans

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. It’s important to acknowledge this and learn to work around it. Don’t let a change of plans be the end of your goals and your motivation. Instead, find a different path to your goals given the new lay of the land. You don’t have to change your goals, you might just have to change how you get there or what success looks like.


What advice do you regularly on how to stay motivated?