We should all be incorporating fitness into our everyday lives, but it can be discouraging to be faced with an expensive gym membership that you may or may not use, especially if you have to drive to the other side of town to get there. There are so many ways to work out from home instead, from workout videos to weight training to at-home workout equipment. If you stay motivated, set goals for yourself, and reward yourself for meeting those goals, you’re sure to see progress! Today I want to share with you some ways to work out from home and still be effective.


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Set Goals


It’s important to set goals for working out. It’s also important to start with small goals and work your way up. If you set a goal of doing 30 minutes on the elliptical your first time using it or doing 50 pushups on Day 1, you’ll likely be disappointed if you can’t accomplish it. But starting small and letting your goals grow with you is a great way to stay motivated. Whenever I meet one of my fitness goals, I’m also super pumped and even more excited to work out harder next time around.


Create Space


You don’t need a ton of space to workout from home. You might already have an open space that’s large enough. Or, like me, you might have to do a little bit of rearranging. I take 10 seconds to move the coffee table over in my living room, and I’ve got all the space I need.


Use Technology


One of my favorite ways to workout is doing workout videos at home via YouTube. You can check out my post here about my favorite YouTube channels for workout videos! Most of them don’t take up much space, but you can find any kind of workout from Pilates and Yoga to Kickboxing.

If YouTube videos aren’t your thing, there are even simpler ways to workout from home! One method I use is the app SWORKIT. You choose a circuit workout, or create one of your own by choosing your circuits, and choose the amount of time you want to work out. It will give you a new workout move every 30 seconds. They’ve got tons of moves to choose from for cardio, weight training, stretching, etc. They also have the option for low-impact workouts for those with neighbors below them.


Weight Train


Cardio is an awesome way to burn a ton of calories, but don’t forget about weights! First of all, it’s something you can do with next to no space at all. A small investment of some weights, which you can buy just about anywhere, and you’re all set.


Invest in Equipment


My elliptical was one of the best investments I have made. Though I don’t have it anymore, I used it all the time when I didn’t have a gym membership. It’s a great way to get a simple cardio session in. It didn’t take up a ton of space, which was essential in an apartment.


Reward Yourself


This is the piece of the puzzle that we often to do wrong, or not do at all! I find that so many people overdo this step, rewarding themselves for a 20-minute workout with something grossly unhealthy, that more than cancels out their workout. Or they go in the other direction and don’t reward themselves at all!

When you’re on a fitness journey, rewarding yourself for the small accomplishments is so important. It keeps you motivated and excited about your goals. A small reward doesn’t detract you from your fitness goal, but still allows you to treat yourself!




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