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Moving is no small task, that’s for sure! This is coming from someone who moved four times in about two years, so it’s something I’ve definitely had to get the hang of. I’ve found the most important tip for being ready on moving day is to start preparing as early as possible. If you’ve got a move coming up, here are a few ways you can prepare for a move one month before!


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Pack the Nonessentials


This is something I always start early when I have a move coming up. I’ve tried to seriously cut down on the number of things I own, so I keep very few things that I’m not going to be using. However, there are some things like books and seasonal items that I hang onto but don’t use regularly. Since I knew I wouldn’t be needing these things in the weeks leading up to my move, they were the first items packed.


Purge and Donate


One of the great things about having to go through everything you own is that you find plenty of things you don’t use, probably won’t use, and definitely don’t need. I find some of these every time I move! And since one of my moves was downgrading to a significantly smaller space, it was even more important to get rid of the things I didn’t need. This is a great opportunity to start deciding what could go, and figure out where the items could be donated.


Make Appointments


If you’re going to have any appointments for services such as a moving truck, carpet cleaners, painters, etc., it’s best to make these appointments early rather than risk having trouble getting anything booked. Start making these appointments as soon as you know what date you’ll need them.


Start Window Shopping


If you’re going to be upgrading any items or purchasing decor for your new home, you can start window shopping! Planning decor and room layouts ahead of time is a great idea to make sure you know what you’ll need to purchase for your new home, even if you don’t plan on purchasing until after you’ve made the move.


Start Planning


Since I was moving into a small apartment, I knew there wasn’t any painting or altering I would be able to do. However, if you’re purchasing a home, you may have plenty of projects you want to tackle when you move in! Now is a great time to start planning and budgeting for these projects. Even if you won’t be able to tackle them for a while, it never hurts to plan ahead!




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How to Prepare For a Move One Month Before | Moving to a new home is no easy task, but starting early can make it easier! Here are a few ways to start preparing for your move one month before.

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