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Today I want to talk about a topic I’m SUPER passionate about. As you might know, if you’ve been around this space for a while, I love to write about personal development. Because of that, today’s post is all about things you can do to constantly improve yourself!


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Read Books


I have always loved to read, and honestly, I sometimes forget that! There are times I’ll go months without reading. Then I’ll finally pick up a good book, and I’ll kick myself for having stopped reading in the first place. I love a combination of fiction and nonfiction. Reading is a fantastic way to stay entertained, get your brain working, and to never stop learning.

If you’re not big on reading books, there are definitely other ways to keep learning! There are SO many free online classes you can take on literally any topic, blogs you can read, etc. Seriously, the options are endless. The key is just to keep learning and keep your mind engaged!


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Pursue Your Passions and Hobbies


In the era of side-hustles and being able to start your own business for no money at all, I feel like we’ve lost sight of the true meaning of hobbies! Do I love blogging? Absolutely! But now that I make an income from it, there’s significantly more pressure on it. Because of this, I make an effort to revisit my hobbies and interests that I’ll never make money from, but that I still love to do. At the very least, if you’re making money from your hobby as a side hustle, don’t put so much pressure on it that it ruins the fun for you.


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Be Part of a Community


Being a part of a community is not only an awesome way to make friends, but there are SO many personal benefits to it as well. Surrounding yourself with positive people in a positive community is an amazing way to keep improving yourself. A big benefit I get, which is something I’m not very good at normally, is that it pushes me to step outside my comfort zone and do things I might not normally do.

Whatever it is that you’re into, I can just about guarantee you can find a community of other people who are interested in the same thing! Whether it’s online business (like me!), music, sports, reading, or anything else, you can find a community! Hop online and I guarantee it won’t be that hard to track down a group of people who have already been brought together by that mutual interest.


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Have Something to Work Toward


Can I get through an entire blog post without talking about goal setting? Yeah, probably not.

I am 100% sure that I am best able to improve myself when I’m consistently working toward a goal, whether it’s a blogging goal, a fitness goal, or something else altogether. Either way, I always try to be working toward something! Goal setting is something I’ve become SO passionate about over the last several years and have found so many awesome strategies for setting the right goals and staying on top of them. It seriously makes a huge difference!


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Incorporate Physical Activity


Working out is definitely NOT my favorite thing. I’ve always been able to get into it for like a month or two at a time here and there, and then push it aside for like a year. Not good. Over the last year though, I’ve learned that it’s all about finding the right workout for you! You don’t have to aspire to run marathons or become a bodybuilder. Physical activity as simple as walking is a great way to get the blood flowing, get the creative juices flowing, and keep your body feeling great. My personal favorites are yoga and hiking.

So if you’re dreading working out because you’re picturing loud machines at a gym full of people, fear not. You can totally get a great workout outside or even in your own home, and it can be a workout you actually like!

And not only does working out have the obvious physical benefits, but I also find LOTS of mental and emotional benefits as well. All in all, it’s just a really good stress reliever for me!


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Be Open to Change


Let me preface this by saying that I have NOT always been good with change. It’s a part of life, obviously, but something that used to give me serious anxiety. I still have some anxiety around change, but I’ve definitely learned to roll with the punches a bit more with everything that’s happened in my life in the last couple of years. Mostly because a lot of the change that I dreaded turned out to be a really good thing!

Things don’t always go as planned. It’s simply part of life. I think an important part of self-improvement is accepting this fact and being open to change when necessary. No, it’s not always going to be easy. But you just have to learn to cope with it in your own way and learn that sometimes change, even unexpected change, can be a really awesome thing.


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If you love personal development, make SURE to try out some of these ways you can constantly improve yourself. I KNOW you’re going to love them. And I would also love for you to leave a comment and let me know what YOUR favorite things to do are to improve yourself.


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7 Ways to Constantly Improve Yourself | If you're on a personal development journey, I know you'll love these tips for constantly improving yourself!

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