It shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of you that finding new tools and resources to increase productivity is one of my favorite things to do! It’s amazing how much some of these tools can save time in your day and make room for other, more important things. Not only do I use these tools in my blog and business, but they have revolutionized my personal responsibilities as well. In today’s blog post I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite tools and resources I’ve found to increase productivity.

increase productivity

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Asana is the tool I use to organize my content calendar. I have a section for my content calendar and for each blog post, I include a list of tasks that will need to be done for that post to be published and promoted properly. I also keep a list on Asana of long-term blogging tasks I would like to complete. I like to keep those separate from the daily tasks that I write in my planner.


Dropbox is an essential tool for me! I use multiple different computers, so having the ability to access any of my documents or images from any computer, as well as my phone, is definitely a necessity. It’s free up to 5 GB, which has been enough space for me thus far (although mine is getting close to full).

Google Drive

Google Drive is my favorite alternative to Microsoft Office. It’s the easiest way for me to create documents or spreadsheets and, similar to Dropbox, I can access those files anywhere. Plus, unlike Microsoft Office, it’s totally free! This is where I keep an outline template for my blog posts, and where I write each post before moving it over to my WordPress dashboard.


This is my go-to tool for saving anything from online to check out later like recipes and workouts. I have the Google Extension, so it’s easy to quickly clip anything and go back to it later. And like the others, totally free!

Social Media Scheduling

Scheduling my social media posts for my blog is probably the biggest time saver of all for me. It allows me to increase productivity exponentially. If I wasn’t able to schedule my Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest in advance, I would honestly have to spend hours more each week on social media.

TailwindThis is the tool I use to schedule pins on Pinterest. Once or twice per week I hope on Pinterest and schedule a ton of pins to Tailwind to be sent out over the course of the week. It’s been a massive game-changer for my Pinterest traffic and has saved me a ton of time!

Planoly: This is the tool I currently use to plan my Instagram feed. Though you can’t use an app to auto post to Instagram like you can for other social media platforms, Planoly does allow you to plan your feed in advance, as well as write your captions, and then it alerts you when it’s time to post your scheduled image. Though there are paid plans, they do have free use up to a certain number of images per month.

Hootsuite: This is my favorite free tool for scheduling my tweets and Facebook posts in advance. The interface, while not particularly fancy, is super easy to use and you can schedule more posts on the free plan that you’ll ever need.

Buffer: This is my favorite paid social media scheduler, as an alternative to Hootsuite. While the free plan doesn’t offer enough posts for my purposes, their $10/month plan is excellent! If you can afford the upgrade, this is the one I would go with!


In addition to the tools listed above, I’m also largely reliant on a physical planner. This is where I write my daily to-do lists, and the planner is with me just about all the time.

What are your favorite tools to use to increase productivity?