Creativity is essential when it comes to blogging and, I don’t know about you, but my blog work tends to go downhill when my creativity does. Sometimes I’m lacking creativity and have no idea why, but luckily I have a few go-to strategies I use to boost my creativity. Here are a few tips you can try to increase your creativity as well.

increase your creativity

Collaborate With Other Creatives

Working in a creative industry, I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by other creatives. I’ve been able to gain even more creativity when I take the time to collaborate with my fellow creatives. If you’re feeling uncreative or unmotivated, reach out to some of your creative friends about a collaboration – it might a help to all of you!


As bloggers, we spend so much time plugged in on our computers and phones. And often we’re able to gain creativity and inspiration from social media, Pinterest, and other sites. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s exactly what causes our creativity to diminish as well. Honestly, when I take in to much information, I hit overload and can’t think of anything I want to share. Information overload makes it seem as if everything has already been said, and it makes it more difficult to write in our own voice. So next time you’re lacking creativity, try unplugging.

Find a New Hobby

Blogging started off as a hobby for me. It was what I turned to when I need an escape. Now that it’s grown into far much more – a side job – it doesn’t bring the same relief it used to. Do I still love blogging? YES! But it’s the break it used to be because it’s a job as well. Because of that, it has been important for me to find new hobbies to turn to when I need a break and a creative boost.

Remove Expectations

I have always loved to write. But now that I make money from blogging and I know there are people checking in to read my blog posts, there are expectations that come along with that writing. Sometimes it’s nice to put aside the blog and work on some writing that I know others won’t read, that I know doesn’t have to be up to a certain standard and that I know is just for me.

Make Time to Read

I love to read for pleasure, but with a full-time job and a blog to run, I spent a lot of time putting it off. Lately, I’ve gotten more diligent about making time to read since I know it’s something that will recharge my happiness and creativity.

Find Your Muse

Some people find they’re most creative when they’re listening to music. Others find creativity in meditation or being in nature. Everyone is different, but what’s important is finding the thing that truly sparks and boosts your creativity.

Care For Yourself

Creativity tends to go downhill when we aren’t taking care of ourselves. If you’re feeling a lack of creativity, you might stop and take a look at whether your lack of creativity is coming from a lack of self-care. I struggle to write creatively when I’ve pushed myself too hard, and I know I’m not alone.

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Everyone finds creativity in different ways, but these are just a few strategies you might try to help you increase your creativity.


How do you increase your creativity? Do you use any of the tactics on this list?


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