I’ve experienced my fair share of failure in my life, and I’m guessing I’m not alone! Failing or stumbling at anything sucks, particularly if it’s something you’re passionate about or something you put a lot of work into. I’ve definitely experienced some super disappointing failures that made me just want to give up. But that is not the lesson we should be taking away from failure! Here are some lessons we can all learn from failure.


lessons we can learn from failure





Failing Doesn’t Mean You Should Stop Trying


I feel like our initial instinct after a failure or a let down is to give up and stop trying to achieve our goal. And sometimes that’s exactly what we do. But I also feel like the more times you stumble in your life, the more you realize that it isn’t necessarily a reason to stop trying and that things can still work out in the end.

If I had thrown in the towel with blogging when I experienced any kind of failure, I definitely wouldn’t be blogging anymore. Actually, I’m not sure what I would be doing with myself because I’ve faced failure in every part of my life from school to blogging to my career. It’s just a part of life, but you’ve got to keep working at it.


We Gain a Lot of Experience from Failing


Success doesn’t go in a straight line. It comes with a lot of peaks and valleys and ups and downs. Ask anyone who is super successful and I’m guessing they would tell you it wasn’t a straight line up and that they faced a lot of failures, especially early on. I’m also guessing they would tell you that as much as they’ve learned from their successes, they’ve learned even more from their failures.

From personal experience, I can say that’s definitely the case for me! You learn a lot about whatever it is you failed at, and you learn a lot about yourself as well.


Failing Can Identify What We Need to Change


Failure forces us to take a good look at ourselves and figure out what we could have done differently, which is really hard. I find blogging to be a really great example of this. My three years of blogging have been filled with a lot of trial and error. There have been a lot of ideas and strategies I have tried that have completely flopped.

But I also feel like my blog wouldn’t be where it is today without stumbling along the way because I was able to look really closely at each of those strategies and figure out why they didn’t work. And going back the next time, I knew what to do differently.


Failing Can Lead to Better Things


I’m not much of an “everything happens for a reason” type of person, but I do know that quite often when we fail, a better opportunity comes along down the road that is so much better, and it’s one that wouldn’t have come along if we hadn’t failed in the first place. One of the hardest experiences I’ve gone through in my career was losing a job that frankly, I really disliked. But even though I didn’t like the job, it was a really hard hit to take. It was really disheartening and made me question myself a lot.

However, a few months later I got a job that I still have and still really love, and I wouldn’t have gotten this job had I not lost the other one. It sucked at the time, but in retrospect, I’m so thankful for that experience.


Failure Leads to Resilience and Growth


One important lesson we all learn from failure, and possibly the most important lesson: life goes on. Failing isn’t fun, but it does give you a bit of a thicker skin for the next time it comes around. The most resilient people are those who have failed over and over again and still continue to try and learn from their failures. Failing can also help us grow in other ways, such as learning to handle failure and disappointment with grace.




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Lessons We Can Learn From Failure | I’ve experienced my fair share of failure in my life, and I’m guessing I’m not alone! Here are some lessons we can all learn from failure.