When blogging is a hobby or side-hustle that takes place evenings and weekends when you aren’t at your day job, it can be difficult to manage. There are plenty of other tasks that need to get done when you get home from work, and it can be difficult to make time for blogging. Are you struggling to make time to blog? Then this post is for you! Here are my best tips for making time to blog each day.

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Create Systems and Workflows

For at least the first year I was blogging (and probably longer) I was basically reinventing the wheel with every new blog post. I would start from scratch when it came to my images. I didn’t have any sort of workflow I would follow for each blog post. I was devoting way too much time to things that could be streamlined.

Now, I have templates created in Canva for my blog images, and each new blog post takes me about 5 minutes to create images for. I also write my posts ahead of time in Google Docs, where I have a template saved for the layout each of my posts follows.

There’s a lot less time and thought to go into those workflow tasks, leaving more time and thought for the content itself, and the promotion that comes afterward.

Use Tools and Automation

It didn’t take me long to learn that while writing blog posts can take a significant amount of time, promoting those posts can take even longer! It got to the point where I was spending so much time promoting blog posts that it was no longer really sustainable.

Luckily, there are tons of tools that can help you to automate your blog promotion! Here are just a few of my favorites:

  • Tailwind: Tailwind has quickly become one of my favorite blogging tools, and I have already seen an increase in Pinterest traffic since using it (as well as a decrease in the amount of time I have to spend on Pinterest.) Tailwind is what I use to repin other people’s content throughout the day. It makes it super easy to scroll through my Pinterest feed and schedule repins so I can constantly be active on the site without having to constantly be on the site. Since Pinterest is by far my biggest source of blog traffic, it’s essential that I keep my audience interested! Tailwind also has a free trial, so you can make sure you love it before you spend money on it.
  • Planoly: After trial and error on multiple Instagram planners and schedulers, Planoly is the one I’ve found to be my favorite. It has all the qualities I want when planning my Instagram feed, including a drag-and-drop view of potential posts to make sure my Instagram feed is cohesive and planned in advance. One quality I love from Planoly that many others lack is the ability to type my captions out on the computer! And unlike many Instagram schedulers, they do have a free plan!

Take Advantage of Small Pockets of Time

Think of how many times per day you have a pocket of five or ten minutes where you really don’t have enough time to accomplish much. What do you usually end up doing? I’m guessing something along the lines of scrolling through social media. What I like to do instead is keep a mental running list of tasks that I can get done in just a few minutes. For example, as I mentioned above, it only takes me about five minutes to create my graphics for one blog post because of the templates I’ve created. That means I can use a super tiny pocket of time to actually accomplish something productive.

If you’re someone who finds yourself hopping on social media in those small pockets of time, there’s still a way to use that time more wisely. You can spend a few minutes engaging with those who following by liking and commenting on their posts, or you can respond to comments your followers have left on your posts! Responding to comments is super important, but I feel like for many of us it slips our mind or we just feel as if we don’t have time, but you can get through quite a few with just a few minutes!

Trade One Activity for Blogging

Try finding one single activity in your day that you can trade for blogging time. For example, trade your lunch break for an hour of blogging mid-day, whether this means blogging on your work computer or bringing your laptop to work to pull out for an hour. For me an easy one was TV. I still do watch TV, but I watch significantly less since I started blogging. I used to just come home from work and have the TV on all evening, sometimes sitting and watching, sometimes having it on in the background when I worked on other things. Now I really limit the amount of time I watch to make sure I have time to get all my blogging work done.

Make It a Priority

At the end of the day, time management is really about setting priorities. We make more time in the day for the things that are most important to us. If blogging is truly important to you, then sometimes that will mean putting it before other things. It might mean skipping a night out with friends to stay home and blog, or sacrificing an hour of sleep each morning to write a post before work.

I’ve passed up spending a lot of time on other activities in the last three years to blog instead, but I don’t regret it. Blogging is super important to me, and I don’t mind prioritizing it ahead of other activities.

Do you struggle to make time to blog? If you blog as a side-hustle, when do you get your blogging done?


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