If you had asked me about WordPress plugins when I started blogging, I would have looked at you with a blank stare. At the time, I was using the dot-com version of WordPress, meaning plugins weren’t available to me. Plugins were just a mystery to me. Now, they are literally a daily part of my life. They control much of what happens on this blog, besides the basic structure. I’ve loved discovering the new best WordPress plugins and the reality that I can do just about anything on this blog with the help of a plugin. Since they’ve become such an important part of how I run my blog, I wanted to share with you a few of the best WordPress plugins for your blog.


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Yoast SEO


This is definitely one of the most popular WordPress plugins out there. SEO is so important to a blog, and this plugin makes it easy to optimize my posts to make sure search engines are finding them. I make sure the focus keyword, SEO title, and meta description for each post, and I don’t publish a post until Yoast has given me the green light that it’s well-optimized.




This plugin is the source of the social sharing buttons you see below my post title, as well as along the left side of each post. I love this plugin! Having those buttons right there makes it super easy for anyone to share my blog post and their favorite social media channel.


jQuery Pin It Button


See the “Pin It” button in the corner of each image on my blog? That’s all thanks to this plugin. Since Pinterest is my #1 source of blog traffic, I want to make it as easy as possible for readers to share my content.

While I’m mentioning it, why not scroll up to the image above and share this post on Pinterest!




This is the plugin I use to manage comments on my blog. I love that it’s easy for anyone to leave a comment and since it’s such a popular plugin, most people are familiar with it.


Pretty Links


I use a lot of affiliate links on this site and, as other bloggers can testify to, affiliate links provided by companies typically aren’t very pretty. Each time I get a new affiliate link, I plug that into Pretty Link and create a new affiliate link that is connected to my blog.


Better Click to Tweet


This is one of my favorite plugins for getting readers to engage with my blog posts. I have a pre-written tweet in a blog post, and literally, all they have to do is click to share that tweet with their own followers. When I do include a tweet using this plugin, I notice a lot of people sharing my post!


Tasty Pins


This is a relatively new plugin for me, but has quickly become one of my favorites! I include a long, pinnable image with each blog post, but don’t necessarily want that image visible in my post (mostly just because of the amount of space it takes up). Previously, I used code to insert a hidden image in each blog post. This plugin makes it so easy to upload a hidden image into each post that I can then go ahead and share on Pinterest!



These are some of my favorite WordPress plugins, but they definitely aren’t the only plugins I use to help me run the blog behind the scenes!


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