I don’t know about you, but mid-late afternoon tends to be a rough time of day for me.

My morning coffee boost has worn off, and I’m started to feel drained. I’m either still full from lunch, or didn’t eat a great lunch and am feeling hungry already. I consider making the one block walk to Starbucks, but that just seems like way too far to walk. I’m sick of looking at a computer screen, sick of talking on the phone and starting to feel drained from a long work day.

You know what I’m talking about? What I really need is some more energy. I’m talking about real, natural energy that is sustaining and won’t wear off after 5 hours. Since I’m guessing plenty of you have the same problem, I’m going to share with you some natural ways to boost your energy!


Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy





Exercise Regularly


Once you make working out a regular part of your routine, you’ll start noticing you have more energy! Often, after an awesome workout, I feel even more energized than before I started working out!


Eat Breakfast


When I don’t eat breakfast in the morning, I feel drained all day. And I can seriously feel my metabolism moving slower!


Move Your Body


If you’re feeling drained at work, get up and take a walk around the office or the block and do a quick stretch.


Cut Your Sugar Intake


Sugar can be deceptive. It feels like a great energy booster. But really it’s just a rush of energy, followed by a rapid drop in energy.


Skip the Soda


I know so many people who grab a soda when they’re feeling tired. But compared to coffee, soda barely has any caffeine. So instead of grabbing another soda when you’re feeling sleepy, get a cup of coffee instead.


Turn on Some Music


Somehow, listening to music always seems to boost my energy. If I feel my energy waning, putting on some upbeat music is a sure way to help boost my mood and my energy.


Have a Healthy Snack


I always try to go for something with protein and a little bit of healthy fat so it will stay in my system longer and keep me both full and energized even longer.


Get Some Sun


I guarantee stepping out into the sunlight will boost your energy! If you’re sitting in an office building all day, chances are you could use a little more sun!


Don’t Overdo it at Lunch


Eating a huge, filling lunch is just going to make you feel sleepy the rest of the day.


Chat With a Friend


Obviously, you know the rules regarding socializing at your job, but I find that getting up for a few minutes to visit with a coworker can help boost my energy when I’m feeling tired at work. First of all, it’s getting me up from my desk. Since my best friend works right down the hall, this also gives me an opportunity for a mid-day laugh, which can also boost energy!




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