I consistently hear from other bloggers that coming up with new blog post ideas is the most challenging part of blogging. And early on in blogging, I definitely felt the same way! Luckily I’ve developed some tried and true strategies for making sure I never run out of blog post ideas. Keep reading to find out what they are!

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Keep a Running List of Ideas

The biggest way I make sure I always have something new to write about is to keep a running list of blog post ideas. I’ve managed to keep the list filled by regularly brainstorming new blog post ideas, as well as quickly adding any new idea that comes to me throughout the day. I’ve found that it’s easier and easier to come up with blog post ideas the longer I’ve been blogging, so the list has consistently grown. Having this list makes it super easy to fill out my content calendar. The list is broken down by blog category, so I can quickly move post topics from the idea list to the content calendar.

Pay Attention to What Your Audience Wants

If you really pay attention, your audience is already telling you what they want you to write about. One place they do this is the comment section of your blog posts. Look over any questions or comments anyone has left on your blog, and save them for later to use as a blog post. You can also take any question you’ve gotten from a reader via email or social media and turn it into a blog post. If one of your readers has that question, it’s likely others do as well. Finally, you can look at your analytics to see what your audience really wants to read. Based on your analytics, you can see which topics and which post format your audience enjoys the most, and then you can start writing more of those posts.

Look Back on Old Posts

Looking back at previous blog posts you have written can be a great way of sparking new ideas. You may find that you have a lot more to say about a topic and decide to write a follow-up post to address that. You may also find that a strategy or piece of advice you had previously shared is out of date, therefore you may want to rewrite the post. You never know what inspiration may spark when you start making your way through your blog archives.

Share Your Own Strategies

Just looking at the strategies and routines that you use day in and day out can provide plenty of blog post ideas! Chances are these haven’t even occurred to you as blog post ideas yet because they’re simply second nature to you, but it’s information that others may find useful! An example of this would be the blog post I wrote about things to do at the end of every workday. This is just part of my daily routine now, but for someone else may make a big difference in how they approach their work day and in their level of productivity. You can share anything from your blog post writing process to your morning routine, and I guarantee someone else will be inspired by it.

Find Inspiration

We all find inspiration in different ways, so figure out what inspires you and make more time for it. For some people, scrolling through Pinterest or other blogs inspires new ideas, though be sure you aren’t just using someone else’s idea! I tend to find the most inspiration for blog posts when I completely disconnect from blogging. For example, I find that I get a ton of ideas when I’m running (which is super inconvenient since I can’t write them down right away)! How and where you find inspiration isn’t important, simply that you identify it and make time for it in your daily routine.

How do you continue to come up with new blog post ideas?

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