If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last two years of blogging, it’s that staying organized is absolutely essential. Organization is what has allowed me to grow my traffic, grow my blogging income, balance my blog and my full-time job, and stay positive and sane while doing everything that’s on my plate on a constant basis. In today’s blog post, I wanted to share a few of most important organization tips for bloggers and side-hustlers.

Keep an Editorial Calendar

This is pretty much my single biggest advice for bloggers looking to stay organized. An editorial calendar is the one reason I am able to pump out blog posts on a consistent schedule, and the one reason I am able to keep my sanity in the process. There’s nothing worse than sitting down to write a blog post for the following day and having no idea what to write about. Keeping an editorial calendar helps you to stay organized, helps you to stay ahead of your blogging, and allows you to plan ahead for holidays, seasonal content, and sponsored posts.

Keep Your Work and Side-Hustle Separate

If your blog is your side-hustle, this is essential for so many reasons. The first is that when you begin to multitask between your two duties, you can get confused and things begin to slip through the cracks. Allowing your blog work to creep into your personal life also takes a toll on your job, and can negatively impact your career in the long run.

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

The more time you spend blogging and the more new tasks you take on will certainly add stress and overwhelm to your life. I’ve hit several points in my blogging life where it had just become too much, and I was desperate for a break. As you’re growing your blog and your blogging income, make sure to set limits for yourself and say no to some opportunities for the sake of your mental health.

Keep a To-Do List

Between my full-time job, my blog and business, and my personal life, I have hit the point in my life where writing every single thing down is absolutely essential. Keeping a to-do list each day is how I stay organized on a regular basis. And as opposed to keeping one master to-do list of all the things I’ll probably do at some point, I keep only single, daily to-do lists so I have a time-frame for when each task needs to be completed. You can read more about that in this blog post on why your to-do list isn’t working.

Do you struggle to organize your blog? What are your best organization tips?


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