How often you should be posting on your blog is a big debate that goes on within the blogging community. There are opinions ranging from those who think you should be posting every day to those who believe a couple times per month is fine. So what is the right answer?

There are a few different factors to keep in mind when you’re deciding how often you should post on your blog. At the end of the day the thing that matters most is what feels right to YOU!


How Often Should You Post On Your Blog?





How Often Should You Post On Your Blog?


The short answer is: it depends. A frustrating answer, I know. I think in large part it depends on your niche and how specific your niche is. Consider lifestyle blogs like The Everygirl or A Beautiful Mess. They represent the general “lifestyle” niche. And you’ve probably noticed both blogs post multiple times per day.

Sure, it helps that they have a staff and aren’t doing all of the legwork on their own. But it’s partially out of necessity. When you have such a broad niche and are trying to appeal to so many people, you have to post more often to make sure all of your readers are regularly getting content they care about. Otherwise, they won’t come back.

In the broad “lifestyle” niche, your readers likely aren’t going to care about every topic you write about.

Next, let’s consider blogs with a more focused niche, like a lot of the business blogs I read. Their niches are way narrower, and they have a very specific audience. Because of this, chances are higher that any given reader will be interested in all or most of their blog posts. And that allows them to post less often on their blog.

However, this doesn’t mean they don’t have to write as much. Compare the word count of the average blog post on one of the lifestyle blogs I mentioned versus a niche business blog. I guarantee the more focused business blog I read publish FAR longer, more in-depth content.

Alright, so let’s put this simply. The broader your niche, the most often you should be posting on your blog, but the posts don’t have to be as long. But when you have a super narrow niche, you can get away with writing super long-form content less often.


Why It’s Okay to Post Less Often:


If you’re a lifestyle blogger, I hope you didn’t take the section above to mean you should be posting multiple times per day on your blog. Because chances are, you can still be posting less often than people tell you. Here are a few reasons:

People Don’t Read Your Blog Every Day: Even your biggest fans probably aren’t checking your blog seven days per week, meaning you don’t need to have new posts every single day! In fact, depending on who your audience is, it can be overwhelming for your readers if you post too often. When they come to your blog and find that they’ve missed half a dozen long posts since they last visited, they might not bother reading them at all.

You Can Create More In-Depth Posts: As I mentioned above, the less often you post on your blog, the more you can focus on creating long-form content that will be super beneficial and super actionable for your readers.

You Have More Time for Other Tasks: It’s no secret that being a successful blogger isn’t just about writing blog posts. There are so many other elements that go into it as well! Posting less often on your blog means you’ll have more time for things like social media, updating your blog’s design, creating products to sell, etc. The bloggers I know who are making a lot of money from digital products are also posting on their blogs less often.




At the end of the day, finding the perfect posting schedule really comes down to what is best for YOU. You know your blog and your audience better than anyone else. And at the end of the day, unless this is your full-time job, you don’t have endless hours to create new content. You just have to work with the time you have available.


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