Weekends are great for relaxing, but as someone balancing a full-time job, a side hustle, a relationship, a social life, and just genera adulting responsibilities, I have a LOT to squeeze in and definitely have to make the absolute most of my weekends. I love how much I can get done in just a couple of days! If you’re hoping to make your weekends more productive, then you’ll definitely want to keep reading for some ideas of productive things to do on the weekend!


productive things to do on the weekend





Start a New Hobby


If you’re looking for productive things to do on the weekend, a new hobby is a GREAT way to go! Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting a blog (weekends are when I do a LOT of my blogging). Or maybe you’re interested in starting an outdoor hobby like hiking or snowboarding (depending on the season). It can be super fun to find a new hobby that you’re really excited about!


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Get Active


For me, the weekends are my favorite time to work out. During the week I only have my evenings free, so it can be a bummer to waste 30-60 of those precious minutes working out. But on the weekend, when you’ve got all day free, it’s great to wake yourself up and get your body moving with a workout. I love using YouTube videos to work out (here are my favorite YouTube channels for working out). When the weather cooperates, I love getting in a workout outside by hiking, biking, or going for a run.


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Start a Project


Weekends are a great time to get projects done around the house (especially if you’re a homeowner). Weekends are a GREAT time to tackle those projects that you keep talking about but just haven’t managed to get to yet. I love starting organizing projects on the weekend because then I don’t feel rushed to start and finish the project all in the same sitting. I can start earlier in the weekend and come back to it later, and still have time to get the apartment put back together before the end of the weekend.


Educate Yourself


I’m a BIG fan of continuing to educate yourself after college, especially when you have a side-hustle like blogging. There are literally endless things to learn. My favorite ways to do this are by reading other blog posts, listening to podcasts, reading eBooks and taking online courses.

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Since I do a lot of my cleaning on the weekends, I find ways to make this time productive in other ways as well. When I’m running around the apartment cleaning, I’ve usually got a favorite podcast playing for me to catch up on, or I throw on a show I’m watching on Netflix while I’m folding laundry. Multi-tasking isn’t usually productive, but there are definitely exceptions like these!


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Don’t get me wrong, I love relaxing on the weekends. But I have WAY too much stuff I need to get done to be totally lazy all weekend! I would love for you to leave me a comment and let me know your favorite productive things to do on the weekend!


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Productive Things To Do On The Weekend | Productivity isn't just for work days! Try these productive things this weekend.

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