In previous years, I had spent the majority of my weekends traveling to see family and friends. The last few couple of years I have made more of an effort to spend some weekends at home. But I wanted to make sure I was finding more productive ways to use that excess time instead of binge-watching Netflix all weekend! I wanted to share with you all a few productive things to do on the weekend!

productive things to do on the weekend

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Start a New Hobby

If you’re looking for productive things to do on the weekend, a new hobby is a great way to go! For me, this has been photography, as I continue to play with my DSLR and learn the ropes. Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting a blog. It could also be an outdoor hobby, like hiking or snowboarding (depending on the season, of course.) It can be super fun to find a new hobby that you’re really excited about!

Get Active

For me, the weekends are my favorite time to work out. During the week I only have my evenings free, so it can be a bummer to waste 30-60 of those precious minutes at the gym. But on the weekend, when you’ve got all day free, it’s great to wake yourself up and get your body moving with a workout. I’ve gotten into running in the past year. Otherwise, I love using YouTube videos to work out (here are my favorite YouTube channels for working out).

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Start a Project

Though I’m living in a studio apartment now so projects are minimal, weekends are a great time to get projects done around the house! If you’re a homeowner, you’ll probably have plenty of projects to fill your weekends.

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Educate Yourself

I’m a big fan of continuing to educate yourself after college, especially when you have a side-hustle like blogging. There are endless things to learn. My favorite ways to do this are by reading other blog posts, listening to podcasts, reading eBooks (one of my all-time favorite blogging eBooks is How to Blog for Profit, by Ruth Soukup) and taking eCourses (my current favorite is Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle Schroeder)


Since I do a lot of my cleaning and mindless tasks on the weekends, I find ways to make this time productive in other ways as well. When I’m running around the apartment cleaning, I’ve usually got a favorite podcast playing for me to catch up on, or I throw on a show I’m watching on Netflix while I’m folding laundry. Multi-tasking isn’t usually productive, but there are definitely exceptions!

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What productive things to do do you fill your weekend with?

Productive Things To Do On The Weekend | Productivity isn't just for work days! Try these productive things this weekend.


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