There’s so much more that goes into blogging than meets the eye! When I first started I would put up a subpar image, throw up a paragraph of text, and call it a day. I’ve learned a lot over the years about what to include in each blog post to bring readers to my site, as well as keep them there. This list provides guidance for what you should be doing before you publish your blog post.

things to do before you publish your blog post

Optimize Your Blog Post Title

When someone finds your blog post on a search engine, social media site, or even your own blog, the title is the first thing they read. Because of this, it’s important to have a strong title that pulls them in. Your blog post title is also important because ideally it should be SEO friendly and contain a strong keyword you want people to use to find your blog post.

Google’s Keyword Planner is a great tool to use to find the best keyword for your post.

Create a Pinnable Graphic

Pinterest is by far my number one source of blog traffic, so you better believe having a pinnable image on every post I publish is an absolute must (I actually tend to include two pinnable images for each post). When someone is scrolling through Pinterest, they’re typically looking at the images before the titles, so that’s the most important thing! Even with an amazing blog post, someone is unlikely to make it there from Pinterest if you don’t have a good image or any image at all.

Pinterest images should be verticle. I recommend using Canva to create these graphics, and they have a recommend Pinterest size that I use for my own images.

Insert Proper Heading Tags

When you’re writing the body of your blog post, break up the large chunks of text with heading tags (like the one right before this paragraph). For the purpose of SEO, use actual heading tags as opposed to just increasing the size and boldness of the text. Make sure to put your main keyword in at least one of the heading tags to boost your SEO even more.

The headings are also important because large chunks of text can be difficult to read, and smaller paragraphs separated by headings make your post more scannable.

Edit, Edit, Edit

I cannot stress this enough. On rare occasion, I get lazy and convince myself I don’t need to proofread my blog post. And I can tell you that every single time I do that, I find an error. You never know what the first post a reader or company will stumble upon on your blog, so you want to make sure each post is as good as it can be. Start editing all of your blog posts before publishing. It also doesn’t hurt to spend some time going through old blog posts to edit those as well.

Check Your SEO

Though I’ve already mentioned SEO above, it’s not just important in your blog post title! If you’re using SEO correctly, search engines can be a great source of blog traffic. Like I mentioned previously, Google Keyword Planner is a great resource for finding the perfect keyword. I also recommend using the Yoast SEO plugin on your blog. This will help you optimize each post. It will give you guidance on your post title, URL, images, the number of links included, the number of times you’ve used your keyword, etc. Make sure that Yoast dot is green before you hit publish!

Link to Other Blog Posts

When someone reads a great blog post on your site, you want to give them every opportunity to keep enjoying your content. Because of that, be sure to link to other blog posts on your site. Whenever I’m writing a blog post, I make sure to link to other related content, specifically my very best content in the category they’re reading. Leading them to other great content is a fantastic way to lower your bounce rate and gain a new fan.

Add a Call to Action

Most people who read your blog post will click away from the page when they’re done. It’s your job to encourage them to further interact with your post before leaving. This might mean commenting on your blog post. If that’s your hope, leave a call to action asking them a question, and asking that they answer in the comments. You can also use your call to action to encourage them to share the post on their own social media pages. It might seem like a long shot, but many people will take your cue and share the post, even if they wouldn’t have without the call to action.

Schedule Promotion

Before my blog post has even gone live, I’ve already scheduled promotion for it on all of my social media pages. I always schedule it on Pinterest and once it’s gone live, repin it to all of my group boards. I schedule it once on Facebook and a few times on Twitter. Once it’s gone live I share it on StumbleUpon as well.

Though this isn’t a comprehensive list of everything your blog post should contain, I think it’s a great starting point for things to double-check before hitting publish.


Do you remember to do all of these things before you publish your blog post?


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