It should come as no surprise to you if you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time that I’m all about goal setting. I love planning, coming up with goals and projects, and creating the to-do list necessary to get me there. But like everyone else, my motivation definitely falters at some points. Here’s how you can continue to reach your goals when you aren’t feeling any motivation!


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Remember Your Why


When you first set a goal, you’re naturally excited about it and have a crystal clear vision of the purpose. You know exactly why you are setting this goal. Eventually, that vision might start to get a bit fuzzy. And if you can’t even remember why you’re working toward a certain goal, it’s no surprise that you’re not going to be motivated to work at it. Try reminding yourself why you set this goal in the first place, and see if that brings back some of the spark.

On the flip side, this is a really useful practice to make sure that your goals are still valid. It’s entirely possible that a goal that was set a long time ago really isn’t all that important to you anymore, which you can figure out by reevaluating your why. And once you decide it isn’t worth your time, you can forget about and focus on more worthwhile goals.


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Create Habits and Routines


When we set a new goal, we start off with a ton of excitement and motivation to get it done. Over time, however, that is going to fade. It’s totally natural to start feeling lackluster about a project you were once super excited about. I find that the best way to stay consistent long-term to make sure you’re still sticking with it is to make it a habit and somehow make it part of your everyday routine. Like anything else, doing the same things in the same order each day allows them to eventually become second-nature so you no longer have to convince yourself to get to it.

When I was struggling to consistently get to the gym, I changed up my evening routine to incorporate the first step of getting to the gym. Rather than just telling myself I was going to work out after work and then leaving time to talk myself out of it when I got home, I started bringing my gym clothes to work and driving straight to the gym after work. The drive to the gym is obviously the easy first step, but it became a part of my routine and as a result, I made it to the gym on the days I planned on going.


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Track Your Progress


It’s totally natural to have an ebb and flow when it comes to your motivation to achieve goals. This is even more true for me when it comes to long-term goals where there may be an extended period of time before you see the payoff. For these, I like to track my progress whether it be using a checklist, an app, or simply by writing it down on paper. Not only does this allow you to find motivation from the progress you’ve made so far, but it also allows you to break down your bigger goals into bite-sized pieces and tackle them as lots of small tasks.


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Identify Sources of Inspiration


Everyone is inspired by different things, so find what inspires you and use that to your advantage! It’s different for everyone and could be anything from music to spending time outside. A great strategy would be to remember what inspired you to set specific goals in the first place and try to recreate that to get your motivation back.


Practice Tough Love


Sometimes no matter what I do, I just can’t find my motivation to work toward a certain goal. That can be okay, and it’s fine to set aside a certain goal for the time being until you’re feeling more inspired. I’ve definitely done that with blogging goals I’ve set for myself. However sometimes what you really need is just some tough love from yourself, and to force yourself to keep working toward it regardless of whether or not you’ve got the motivation. This is an approach I take with goals surrounding health or finances. They aren’t always fun, but still necessary.




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How to Reach Your Goals When You Don't Feel Motivated | I love goal setting, but like everyone else, my motivation definitely falters at some points. Here’s how you can continue to reach your goals when you aren’t feeling any motivation! | Self Improvement, Personal Development

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