Wouldn’t it be awesome if life was just a little bit simpler? I feel like that just about every day, but especially so on Monday mornings! Life gets complicated quickly when you combine things like full-time jobs, blogs, side-businesses, houses, families, etc. And then there are all of the needless complications that we add that really aren’t contributing anything to our lives. Wouldn’t it be great to simplify your life a bit and eliminate some of those stressors? Today I want to share with you 6 ways you can simplify your life today!


Nailing down your priorities is essential to living a simpler life. First of all, when you know your priorities there are a number of things you’ll be able to cut out of your life, or at least cut down to some degree. That alone will free up plenty of time and mental capacity. Seriously, prioritizing just provides clarity. It has helped me to identify needless time-wasters in my life.

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It’s amazing how stressful clutter can be. Now, I’m not a minimalist by any means. There are plenty of things in my home that other people would consider clutter. I like to have decor on my shelves and pictures on my wall. The clutter that really complicates my life is the stuff that doesn’t belong out! For instances, I start to get stress by dishes out on the counter. I feel overwhelmed by having less space to work with. Start clearing away the clutter from your home (dishes on the counter, clothes on the floor, etc.) and you’ll notice how much lighter your workload feels!

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Get Organized

My life begins to feel immensely simpler when I’m organized. I’m one of those people who always has to have a to-do list. Otherwise, my life begins to feel like chaos! Spending a little time each morning to get your day ready, or each Sunday to get your day ready, will make a huge difference in simplifying your life.

Revamp Your Budget

Making a budget for yourself sounds complicated, doesn’t it? But I assure you it’s more complicated to not have a firm grasp on your money and where it’s going. I know as well as anyone how you can work hard at your job, make decent money, and yet not be able to pin down why it disappears so quickly. That’s how I was in college! Having a budget has simplified my life immensely. I don’t have to worry about money as much. I don’t have to worry about hemming and hawing over a larger purchase because I know whether it fits into my budget or not. And once you get it set up, it’s really not that complicated! I’ve just got mine set up in a spreadsheet.

Stop Comparing Yourself

Comparing ourselves to others definitely needlessly complicates our lives. How? Because it leads us to spend far too much time attempting to live up to someone else’s standards! Think of how much of your day you spend on tasks that honestly aren’t a priority for you, but that you do anyways to measure up. Stop and think of some things you might do each day because of comparison or social pressures, but that aren’t actually on your list of priorities. I challenge you to skip one of them tomorrow!

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Get Off Social Media

This bullet point largely goes hand in hand with the one above about comparing yourself to others. Think about the time you spend on social media. First of all, how much of that time is productive? Unless it’s for your blog or business or you’re catching up with a good friend (I consider this productive!), then it was likely time wasted. Now ask yourself, do you feel better about yourself after that wasted time? Does it bring you joy? Or does it stress you out seeing the new expectations you have to live up to and the hyper-political posts by your friends on Facebook? I’m not saying you have to eliminate social media altogether (because that’s honestly not realistic) but try to use that time more productively! Check in on the people you care about, respond to that message from an old friend, and hop off.

What do you do to simplify your life?

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