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Social media marketing is an important part of growing your blog and can be super effective at driving traffic to your blog. But it’s also a lot of work, and certain mistakes can really diminish from the traffic you’re able to drive to your blog! Here are a few mistakes you might be making at social media marketing. Fixing these social media mistakes could make a really positive difference for your blog!


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You’re Not Engaging With Your Audience


Social media, as its name might suggest, is meant to be social. If you’re just dropping links to your blog posts, you’re not making the most of the platform. First of all, make an effort to respond to every contact on social media, whether it be a comment, a direct message, a tweet, or a tag. Knowing that you’ll respond to their comments will make your followers more likely to comment again in the future.

Also, give them a reason to comment! If you’re linking to an interesting article, share your insights on it and then ask for their feedback as well. Routinely ask them questions and encourage them to respond.

You can also engage with your followers on their own pages as well. If you see someone regularly engaging with your tweets or Instagram posts, check out their profile and return the favor.

Not only is engaging with your audience great for building a real community for your blog, but the high engagement rate will help your posts in the algorithms, meaning more people will see them in their feed.


You’re Not Being Consistent


Most people are following a lot of friends, brands, and bloggers on social media. So even if they followed your social media pages because they liked a post they read on your blog, they’re likely to forget about you pretty quickly if they don’t continue to see content from you. This means that if someone follows you and then you don’t post on a given social media channel for a month, they’re likely to see your next post and have no idea who you are, making them super likely to unfollow.

There is a lot of noise on social media, and many people are only going to follow those they regularly get valuable content from. Rarely posting on social media also means you’re rarely driving traffic from those pages back to your blog.


You’re Not Tailoring Your Strategy to the Platform


Every social media platform is unique, and you should be approaching each with a unique strategy. What works on Facebook is not going to work on Pinterest, and what works on Pinterest is not going to work on Instagram.

There are some platforms, like Twitter and Pinterest, where you can post consistently throughout the day without anyone noticing or caring. On Facebook and Instagram, however, it makes sense to limit it to just a few posts per day, if that many.

It’s also your job to figure out what kind of content works well on each platform. I have certain categories on my blog that perform terribly on Facebook, so I simply don’t share those types of post anymore. However those posts tend to do really well on Twitter, so I share them over there instead. It’s all about getting to know your audience on each platform!


You’re Only Posting Links to Your Blog Posts


As I mentioned above, there is a lot of noise on social media and people are going to want to follow only those bloggers who provide genuine value. This means that if you’re just popping in a few times each week to link to your latest blog post, you’re not giving people much of a reason to follow you.

Try creating a content calendar for your social media pages and throwing in posts you enjoyed from other sites, favorite quotes, useful resources, quick tips, etc. The more value you’re providing right on your social media pages, the more likely your followers are to click on those links to your blog posts that you’re sharing.


You’re Not Automating


Social media is a completely necessary tool if you’re going to grow a large blog audience. Unfortunately, it’s also something that takes a ton of work. There are so many social media channels to be keeping up with, and just promoting your blog posts alone on social media could take hours and hours. Because of this, I recommend automating whenever possible.

I like to spend some time each weekend getting my social media for the week ready so that I’m not actually getting on social media to post anything during the week. My Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are all scheduled ahead of time. Instagram pictures are taken and edited and captions are written so it’s just a matter of hopping on to post at the right time.

Though I just schedule ahead of time, there are also tools that allow you to upload a content library and they automatically reshare those posts over and over again. If it’s in your budget, this would be a huge time saver!

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Social media is definitely a struggle for a lot of bloggers. Sure, you know how to create great content. But getting it out into the world is a totally different story! And if you’re making these mistakes, you’re probably limiting your potential BIG time.

Are you making any of these social media mistakes? Leave a comment and let me know!


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