Most people I know worked their way through college. When you’ve got a heavy class-load it can be a burden. But finding the right job is a huge help! In this post, I’m sharing some of the best jobs for college students that will be perfect for a college lifestyle!


jobs for college students




If you have to study your butt off in college anyway, you might as well make some money off of what you’ve learned! Most colleges have a tutoring program where they partner tutors with students. If you have a subject that you really excel in (perhaps your college major), check out your school’s program.




This is what I did during college and I loved it! The hours are fairly flexible, you can make great money on nights and weekends, and you can usually get free or discounted food (depending on where you work). That 50% discount allowed me to eat a lot of cheap meals in college! Plus I was able to make other friends my age who were also waitressing their way through college.




If you love kids, make some extra money by taking on babysitting and nanny jobs in college! There are websites that allow you to create a profile and search for jobs based on what the family is looking for. There are part-time and full-time nanny jobs, as well as intermittent babysitting jobs.


Freelance Writer


I wish I had thought to do this in college! There are plenty of websites that advertise freelance jobs from writing, to being a virtual assistant, to doing graphic design. Some are one-time jobs while others are ongoing. The great thing about this is you can pick up freelance work when you have time, and take a break when you’re busy with finals, midterms, etc.


University Book Store Employee


Working at your university’s bookstore, or really any on-campus job, is a great choice when it comes to jobs for college students! Since they’re part of the university, these employers are usually extra sensitive to scheduling around classes. It’s an especially great choice if you’re living on campus and don’t have a vehicle.


Fitness Instructor


Most schools have a fitness center on campus that offer classes. If not, you can find a fitness center nearby to instruct classes. This is the perfect job for fitness junkies who need flexible schedules to work around their classes.


RA (Resident Adviser)


If you’re already going to be stuck living in a dorm, look into the RA program at your school! Usually, you’ll get free room and board on top of your paycheck, so you’re saving a ton of money in addition to making money. This is a perfect fit for you if you’re outgoing and enjoy interacting with other people.




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What was your favorite job in college? What suggestions do you have for jobs for college students for others?


The Best Jobs for College Students | If there's anyone who could use a little extra income, it's college students! Here are a few of the best jobs for college students to get some extra money in your pocket.

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