It’s hard to believe that it’s already three years ago now that I started this blog (previously titled Very Erin). I had spent a lot of time that year reading other blogs and had vaguely toyed with the idea of starting my own, though never seriously. Then one weekend I just decided that I was going to do it. I put very little thought or planning into it (something I absolutely would not recommend to new bloggers today), but I had it up and running by the end of the weekend and published my first post on September 14, 2014, which also happened to be my 24th birthday.

Blogging in general, and this blog in particular, have both changed immensely over the last three years. Even at that time, it was still common to see blogs that were kept as somewhat of a personal diary where one documented everything from their favorite makeup products to their new clothing purchases to what they did over the weekend. Most of my blog posts consisted of a few pictures with 100-200 words of text underneath. And while I spent a lot of time on social media, I rarely shared my blog posts there.

My, how things have changed, huh?

No, this blog definitely isn’t today what it was when it started three short years ago. Today it is so much more. This blog has grown with me over the past three years and has turned into something that when I first started it, I couldn’t have imagined.

This blog is part of who I am. Connecting with my readers and sharing useful advice with them is one of the things I’m most passionate about.

I’ve also learned a heck of a lot from blogging! Three years ago I knew little about technology and nothing about SEO or social media and email marketing. Today, they are a part of my daily life. Three years ago I was, to be completely honest, relatively disorganized, unmotivated, and pretty darn unproductive. Today I’m able to (mostly) smoothly manage my time between a full-time job that takes up more time and energy than ever and a blog and business that frankly feel like a full-time job.

More than anything, what I want to say is thank you. Whether you’ve been reading this blog for three years or three weeks, thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say. Thank you for supporting me, for connecting with me here and on social media, and for letting me know that I have something to say that people care about. Without all of that, I would have stopped blogging long ago.

Here’s to another three years!


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