You work hard and you deserve to treat yourself! I don’t know about you, but a lot of the time I feel guilty for treating myself, even when I’ve definitely earned it. Today I want to help ease your guilt a bit by sharing a few ways you can treat yourself without feeling guilty.


treat yourself





Remind Yourself Self-Care is Essential


Many people feel guilty when they treat themselves but have forgotten that self-care is 100% essential. By treating yourself once in awhile you aren’t shirking your responsibilities to your spouse, your kids, your boss, or anyone else. On the contrary, you can’t maintain your responsibilities without caring for yourself as well. So next time you’re feeling anxious about taking an evening to yourself, remember that you’ll be able to return to your responsibilities tomorrow feeling refreshed and newly motivated.

There have been times where I’ve felt really burned out from blogging, but felt guilty about skipping a post and worried about disappointing my readers. But then I remind myself that the posts I write when I’m exhausted and burnt out are crap, so I’m actually doing everyone (including myself) a favor by not writing them.


Find Low-Cost Self-Care Options


If the cost is what’s making you hesitate about treating yourself, consider a low-cost alternative instead. Maybe you love going to the spa, but money is really tight right. Consider having an at-home spa day. You can take a long bubble bath and give yourself a facial. Honestly, for me, just a night of my favorite wine, ice cream, and Netflix series is a treat, and all barely cost a thing! Get the idea out of your head that self-care has to be expensive.


Set a “Treat Yourself” Budget


When you sit down next to update your budget, consider adding a line item for self-care. If it’s already built into your budget, you are far less likely to feel guilty about spending that money when the time comes. You could even pull that money out of the ATM at the beginning of the month and put it in a self-care envelope. That way, once you’ve spent all the money in the envelope, you know you’ve used up your self-care budget for the month without the risk of going over. It’s a good way to compromise by allowing a self-care budget without going overboard.


Treat Yourself As a Reward


If you feel guilty treating yourself just for the heck of it, create a reward system for yourself! Like, every time you meet an income goal on your blog, you treat yourself to a manicure. Or if you deep clean the house on Saturday, then Sunday you get to spend the whole day binge-watching Netflix, eating your favorite snacks, and having a totally lazy day. It may be easier for you to justify if you have a way to prove you’ve earned it!




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treat yourself