This is a post I was really excited to write. I’ve mentioned this before on this blog, but I’m someone who has historically been afraid of new things. Change scares me a lot. I’ve let my fear and social awkwardness hold me back from experiences. Over the past few years, I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone a lot more and have been able to challenge myself to experience new things. One of the biggest ways I have found to challenge myself over the last several years has been through this blog. I’m not a social person, so talking openly on the internet where anyone could read it scared me a lot. Finding new ways to challenge yourself is so important! There are so many opportunities to do so that we let slip by. I want you to challenge yourself, so I’m sharing a few ways you can challenge yourself regularly, and I promise you’ll be glad you did!

challenge yourself

Learn Something New

I have always loved reading and learning, so this one isn’t difficult for me. It might be for you though, and that’s okay! I would challenge you to learn something new each day. Maybe it’s learning a new trick you can use to improve your blog, or maybe it’s turning on the news and learning about something that’s going on in the world.

Try Something New

It could be a new recipe. It could be a new hairstyle. Or even a new style of food you’ve never tried before. Whatever it is, choose to do something that pushes you a little out of your comfort zone. It’s amazing the feeling of satisfaction you can get from trying something new for the first time.

Unplug: Do Something Productive With That Time

I’m going to be honest with you, I almost never unplug. I sit at a computer all day at work, with my phone nearby. I come home evenings and weekends and sit down in front of my computer to work on blog stuff. And when I’m just hanging out and watching TV, I’m still scrolling on my phone. But every once in awhile I get the urge to unplug and read a book or get something done around the house. Seriously, it’s moments like those when my home reaches it’s cleanest, or when I actually manage to clean out my closet and get rid of things I haven’t worn in three years. It’s also a great opportunity to focus on family, pets, or get a drink with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile.

Set a New Goal

This is a big one for me, something I really strive to do regularly. My blog/biz has changed so much over the last several years, and I love challenging myself by creating goals. This is something you can apply in any area of your life! It can be a goal for your career, your relationships, your home, or just yourself.

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Reach Out to a Leader

Try reaching out to someone you admire in your career and ask them to be your mentor. If you’re a blogger, reach out to a blogger you really admire and ask if they’d like to collaborate with you, or even if you can just pick their brain. Making friends with bloggers more experienced than me has been an amazing way for me to grow my blog! A mentor is a beneficial tool in any career field.

Do Something For Someone Else

This is a difficult one for me. Not in the sense that I don’t like doing things for other people because of course, I do. Do something awesome for another person or making their day is the absolute best feeling. But it’s something that I really need to put more energy into focusing on. When you think of something you can do for someone else, you might immediately think of volunteering or donating to a charity. And those things are awesome, but they aren’t the only ways to do something for someone else! It can be as small as holding the door open for something else or helping someone carry their grocery bags to their car. Keep your eye out for those small opportunities to make someone else’s day better.

Visit a New Place

This might mean booking a vacation to an international destination you’ve always wanted to visit. But it also might mean trying a new restaurant in town or heading to the local piano bar you’ve always eyed curiously from outside. One of my favorite things about Madison is that there are so many restaurants to choose from, I have loved exploring them.

Or maybe visiting somewhere new means taking a day trip to a nearby town. Do a little research on some surrounding towns and cities, because I guarantee there is something to see!


What have you done to challenge yourself lately?

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