Today I want to talk about a topic that many of us probably ignore way too often. I want to talk about some ways to pamper yourself. But more importantly, I want to talk about why you should pamper yourself. The world we live in today is all about hustle and bustle. People are working their butts off in college, and then getting a full-time job and a side hustle when they get done. People have kids to take care of (or pets). And though we make time for friends and family, do we really make time for ourselves? How often do you take an entire day for just you? If the answer is “not very often”, then this post is for you!

pamper yourself

How You Can Pamper Yourself

-Have a spa day. Do it yourself at home (maybe with a friend!) or head to the local spa for the day. Letting someone else pamper you is great. But if you’re on a budget, check online for directions on how to give yourself a facial, or some other spa-like activities.

-Take a day off from stress and responsibility. Take an entire day to yourself where you don’t worry about your job, your blog, cleaning, finances, etc. Just get comfy order some food, read a good book and watch your favorite shows!

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-Splurge on something you normally wouldn’t. If you love fashion but are frugal, treat yourself to some new clothes. If you’re on a budget, you can even do this at a resale shop! Or maybe you have a hobby that’s a little expensive. Treat yourself and don’t worry about the price that day.

-Have a cheat day. It’s still early in the new year, so many of us are probably still sticking to your new year diet. You know what? I guarantee you’re going to stick to your diet longer if you treat yourself once in awhile. So order that plate of waffles instead of the egg-white omelet, or allow yourself dessert after dinner.

Why You Should Pamper Yourself

So why should pamper yourself? I know so many people who struggle to justify taking a day for themselves or spending those extra few dollars on something that’s going to make them happy.

But friend, you work hard. I know, because I’m doing it too! If you’re like me and have a full-time job and a blog, you’re spending a heck of a lot of time working. Add school or kids into those, and you’re using every minute of spare time you have. But you deserve a break once in awhile, and you deserve to treat yourself.

Not only do you deserve a break sometimes, but you need one. When we go long periods without taking any time for ourselves or pampering ourselves at all, we’re going to get burned out! You can’t do it all, and we all need to remember that more often.

So take a break. Tell your friends and family you’re taking a day (or morning or afternoon, or even just a meal) to yourself. And stick with it!


What are your favorite ways to pamper yourself?

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