It’s still hard for me to believe I’ve been blogging for more than two years already. It’s safe to say that starting a blog has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life, and has brought me opportunities that I would never have considered. For anyone considered starting a blog, I would recommend jumping on the opportunity immediately! Today I want to share just a few reasons I think you should start a blog, but there are certainly endless more reasons!

You’ll Become More Confident

I had to list this one first because this is the single greatest benefit I have gained from years of blogging. Anyone who has known me in real life can attest to the fact that I’ve never been the most confident or outgoing person. I’m introverted almost to a fault, and I do think there have been times where that has caused me to miss out on experiences that I could have had, and probably would have enjoyed. When I started blogging, I was terrified of anyone finding out. I was so afraid of people I knew, or even strangers, judging my content or the fact that I had a blog at all.

This is something I’ve managed to overcome so much over the last few years, and I can genuinely say that I’m a more confident person today because of blogging. The blogging world is full of introverts, so I’ve been able to connect with so many people who communicate and recharge in a similar way to me.

If you’re lacking confidence or are looking for an outlet to become more outgoing, blogging is a perfect fit for you! You also might like this post on how to boost confidence once and for all.

You’ll Make New Friends

When I started blogging, it never occurred to me that there was this whole big blogging community out there. I was blogging for just a month or two when I discovered my first Facebook groups for bloggers, and it was completely life-changing. Since then I have made some amazing blogging acquaintances who I now consider real friends, I’ve gained amazing connections that have brought me incredible opportunities to my blog, and I’ve been able to learn from so many bloggers who I had no idea existed just a couple of years ago!

Had there not been this strong blogging community, I guarantee I would not have been able to grow my blog to what it is today and would not have made it 2+ years into my blogging journey.

For more on making friends, check out this post on how to form relationships with other bloggers!

You’ll Have a Creative Outlet

Writing has always been a passion of mine. Throughout high school and college, I made sure to schedule myself a good variety of classes that revolved around both creative writing and research writing. When I graduated college and found my way into my career, I found one that provided me plenty of opportunity for writing. The problem was that the writing I was doing was not creative and left on room for my personality. That’s when I knew I needed to take the plunge and create a space for myself for writing about things I’m passionate about.

Some people are lucky to end up in a job that provides them with a huge creative outlet, but most of us don’t have that chance! If you’re in desperate need of a creative outlet like I was a few years ago, then blogging is the perfect next step for you!

You Can Find New Passions

Two and a half years ago, I thought I knew for sure what I wanted to do with my life. I knew what I was passionate about. Now that I look back with the knowledge I have now and the passions I have now, and it’s honestly alarming to think of what I would have missed out on if I hadn’t started this blog. I would have actually missed out on what are now some of my greatest passions!

For me, it was a pleasant surprise to find these new passions. But maybe you’re someone waiting to be inspired and you’re not sure what you’re passionate about. Starting a blog and meeting like-minded friends would be a great way to find those passions!

You Can Inspire Others

I’m still in awe every time I get an email, comment, or social media message from a reader who has been inspired my blog. In a perfect world, of course, I hoped my blog would become an inspiration to others, but it’s still a pleasant surprise that it’s real.

If you have a story to share with the world or a unique take on something, then share that on a blog! I guarantee there are people out there who will be inspired by you and your story and will gain something for it in their own lives.

You Can Make Money

This was another unexpected benefit of blogging for me. When I started, I certainly didn’t do so with the expectation of bringing in an additional income each month. In fact, I didn’t really realize the extent to which bloggers even could make money. I knew some got free product to feature on their blogs. But actual income? That was a pleasant surprise. If you’re in a position where you need some side income or would love to someday stay home with kids while still being able to bring in money, blogging is a great way to accomplish that.

I will say, these days it seems like a lot of bloggers start their blog and expect to make money right away. And it simply doesn’t work like that. You can find out more in this blog post about things to do before you monetize your blog.

Are you a blogger? What inspired you to start a blog?


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