After more than four years of blogging, It’s still hard for me to believe all of the opportunities blogging has brought me. It’s safe to say that starting a blog has been one of the most exciting and beneficial experiences of my life.

For anyone considering starting a blog, I would recommend jumping on the opportunity immediately! Today I want to share just a few reasons I think you should start a blog, but there are certainly endless more reasons!


Why Start a Blog?




You Can Make More Money


Probably the biggest long-term benefit of starting a blog is the income potential. When I first started blogging, I had NO idea you could make money from your blog. But you better believe that once I figured out you could, I dove into learning everything I could about making money blogging.

One of the advantages blogging has over traditional careers is that you have SO much control over your income. At my full-time job, my income is fixed. I earn a certain annual salary. If I work really hard one week and put in extra hours, I don’t make more money. If I’m really good at my job, I don’t make more money. At least not automatically. That’s up to my employer.

With blogging, you have a lot more control over your income. You can set an income goal for yourself, and implement the steps to get yourself there.

There are LOTS of bloggers making a full-time income from their blogs, and some who are earning $100,000 or more per month!


You’ll Learn New Skills


I didn’t start a blog with the intention of learning new skills, but that’s definitely what happened! There’s a pretty big learning curve to turning your blog into a real business, so I had to learn a LOT to get there.

Skills such as SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, graphic design, etc. are skills that I never would have dreamed I would need, but that I now do every single day. And the best part is, now that I’ve taught myself those skills, I can use them in other parts of my life and other jobs!


You’ll Have a Creative Outlet


Writing has always been a passion of mine. Throughout high school and college, I made sure to schedule myself a good variety of classes that revolved around both creative writing and research writing.

When I graduated from college and found my way into my career, I found one that provided me with plenty of opportunity for writing. The problem was that the writing I was doing was not creative and left on room for my personality. That’s when I knew I needed to take the plunge and create a space for myself for writing about things I’m passionate about.

Some people are lucky to end up in a job that provides them with a huge creative outlet, but most of us don’t have that chance! If you’re in desperate need of a creative outlet like I was a few years ago, then blogging is the perfect next step for you!


You Can Design Your Life


Imagine having the freedom to design the exact life you want.

Maybe for you, that means being a stay at home parent and running a blog while your kiddos are napping.

Maybe that means being a digital nomad and working remotely while you travel the world.

Whatever it looks like for you, blogging can make it happen. It is 100% possible to make a full-time income from a blog while NOT having to work full-time hours. Lots of people do it!

Yes, it takes a ton of work to get there. But it’s so worth it in the end.


You Can Share Your Knowledge With Others


If you’re someone who is passionate about helping other people, blogging is probably a great avenue for you. No matter what your skills or expertise is, there are most likely people trying to figure out how to do that thing. And you can help them!

So many blogs are formed because someone really wants to help others master a skill they have already mastered. For example, I struggled for SUCH a long time with productivity. And after spending literally years researching and trying new strategies, I know I have the knowledge to share with others.


Blogs Are Super Affordable


If you’re looking to start a business on a small budget, blogging is a GREAT place to start. That’s because starting a blog is super affordable! There are a few investments you should definitely make when starting out, but for the most part, you can really bootstrap it and keep your expenses super low when you’re just starting out.

Another thing that’s great about blogs is that they are a great launchpad to make money in SO many different ways! My blog pushed me into starting my Etsy shop. Other bloggers have made money in SO many different ways such as starting online shops, creating and selling online courses, writing books, etc. The options are really limitless!


You Can Make New Friends


When I started blogging, it never occurred to me that there was this whole big blogging community out there.

I was blogging for just a month or two when I discovered my first Facebook groups for bloggers, and it was completely life-changing. Since then I have made some amazing blogging acquaintances who I now consider real friends, I’ve gained amazing connections that have brought me incredible opportunities to my blog, and I’ve been able to learn from so many bloggers who I had no idea existed just a couple of years ago!

Had there not been this strong blogging community, I guarantee I would not have been able to grow my blog to what it is today and would not have made it 2+ years into my blogging journey.


You’ll Become More Confident

Anyone who has known me in real life can attest to the fact that I’ve never been the most confident or outgoing person. I’m introverted almost to a fault, and I do think there have been times where that has caused me to miss out on experiences that I could have had, and probably would have enjoyed.

When I started blogging, I was terrified of anyone finding out. I was so afraid of people I knew, or even strangers, judging my content or the fact that I had a blog at all.

This is something I’ve managed to overcome so much over the last few years, and I can genuinely say that I’m a more confident person today because of blogging. The blogging world is full of introverts, so I’ve been able to connect with so many people who communicate and recharge in a similar way to me.




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