I find working out during the summer to be much easier. There are endless amounts of outdoor sports to try out from hiking to biking to tennis (just a few of my favorites), plus things like swimming which are super fun and hardly seem like exercise, but really are! When winter rolls around, things get a bit more difficult. I can’t work out outside in the winter (hello below-zero temperatures in Wisconsin) and let’s face it, just going outside to drive to the gym sucks when it’s that cold. Because of this, I need an extra little push during those months. Today I’m sharing just a few things I’ve found that help me stay motivated to work out during winter.

Put It On The Calendar

This is something I’ve gotten into the habit of doing because it really helps me stick to my workout schedule. If I just tell myself that I’m going to workout, it seems like there’s quite a bit of wiggle room and I can easily just change my mind. But when I schedule my workouts in my planner, I’m much more likely to stick to them.

Create a Routine

I love routines, but I think they’re even more important during the times of year when we most want to cut corners. In the winter, more than anything I just want to get home and throw on some sweatpants, slippers and a blanket and snuggle in for the night. With my routine, I don’t give myself the option of talking myself out of a workout when I get home. I’ve started bringing my gym bag to work and going straight from work to the gym because I know that I’m most likely to talk myself out of a workout when I first get home. Now I don’t go home until after I’ve worked out. That way once I do get home, I actually can throw on comfy clothes and snuggle in for the night!

Work Out at Home

If the cold weather is deterring you from heading outside to go to the gym, start an at-home workout routine instead. There are tons of workouts that can be done from the comfort of your own home. If you have a treadmill or elliptical, then you’re all set. If you’re like me and don’t have one of those (I sold my elliptical awhile back), then there are still plenty of options. I love the app Sworkit, which allows you to create a personalized workout. You can choose a certain part of the body to work on, go for cardio, or opt for something like yoga or pilates.

Another great option for working out at home is YouTube videos! The options are literally endless and I’ve found so many that I love! Some of my favorite YouTube workout videos I’ve done have been kickboxing, circuit training, or Pilates. I also wrote this post with my favorite YouTube channels for working out at home.

Sign Up For an Event

If you need a little something extra to push you this winter, consider signing up for an athletic event such as a 5K, 10K or half marathon (or regular marathon, if you’re that ambitious.) Knowing that you need to train will be the motivation you need to get moving until the big event. And by the time the day of your run comes, it will hopefully be nice outside again.

Upgrade Your Workout Gear

One thing I know about myself is that if I have new workout clothes, I am going to work out. Once in a while if I feel myself slipping into a slump, I treat myself to a couple of new pieces of workout gear. I work out inside, so a cute tank top of a pair of shorts can be worn year-round. I get all of my workout clothes at either Target or Burlington (they have amazing deals on workout clothes!)

How are you staying motivated to work out during winter?