When you’re starting a new workout routine, it can be really hard to find the motivation you need to stick to it. This is why fitness tends to be an area of struggle for so many people! It’s a ton of work, and many people don’t know how to find the workout routine that works best for them. Here are all the tips you need for starting a workout routine you’ll actually stick to!


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Start Small


If you don’t currently work out, committing to going to the gym five days per week might be excessive and lead to burn out pretty quickly. It’s totally okay to start small and work your way up to where you would eventually like your workout routine to be. Start with just a couple of days and when you’re regularly reaching that goal, add another day.

Another way to start small but still stay active is to incorporate your regular workout just a couple of days each week at first, and then commit to going for a walk on the other days. It doesn’t feel like a workout, but you’re still getting in some physical activity. For me, the extra bonus with this one is that while I walk, I listen to podcasts that I love but probably wouldn’t otherwise make time for.


Pick Activities You Enjoy


Motivating yourself to work out is difficult enough without forcing yourself to do workouts you don’t enjoy. When people think about starting a workout routine, they often picture signing up for a gym and hopping on the treadmill. While running is a great workout if it’s something you enjoy, it’s not for everyone. And if running isn’t your thing, find something that is.

There are so many options when it comes to finding a workout routine for you. And those options aren’t limited to the gym! Consider signing up for a local recreational sports league or checking out the countless number of workout YouTube videos available for literally any kind of work out.

Remember how excited you were to play sports and get active as a kid? That’s totally still possible, and you’ll have so much more workout motivation if you enjoy what you’re doing!


Mix It Up


If you’re doing the exact same workout routine every day, it’s likely to get stale quickly, even if it something you enjoy doing. Try to change up your workout routine by incorporating different types of workouts. I switch off between the treadmill and elliptical when I go to the gym, but many days opt to stay home and use a workout video.

You can also try mixing up the intensity of your workout sessions. Not every workout has to be high-intensity cardio. You can do that one day and something like yoga or pilates the next for more variety.


Add It to Your Daily Routine


The best way to to make sure you’re sticking to your new workout plan is to make it a habit and incorporate it into your daily routine. Connect it to other habits you already do every day. I like to do a short yoga session first thing in the morning. I wake up, wash my face and brush my teeth, start the coffee, and then do yoga. Not only have I incorporated this into my routine, but I also know that a hot cup of coffee is waiting for me when I finish!

Another way you could do this is by packing your gym bag in the morning, bringing it to work with you, and going straight from work to the gym. I’ve found this to be really effective when I’m struggling to stay motivated for my evening workouts because I’m not giving myself the option of going home and being distracted by anything else that might allow me to talk myself out of my workout.


Share Your Goals With a Friend


Creating accountability for yourself is a great way to stay motivated to stick to your workout plan. Finding a workout buddy who is counting on you to hit the gym with them is a great idea, but it could be something as simple as talking to a friend about your workout goals and sharing your workouts with them!

You could also consider sharing your fitness goals and workout routine more publicly such as on social media or a blog. Many awesome fitness bloggers got their start because of their desire to share their own fitness journey and create accountability for themselves!

However, when choosing between sharing your goals with just your inner circle versus sharing them publicly, you may want to give a second thought to sharing them with the world, unless you are also prepared to regularly share your progress. Quite a few studies have shown that sharing your goals publicly gives you the satisfaction you would have gained from reaching the goal in the first place and creating what some describe as a “premature sense of completeness”. Because of this, I would opt for sharing your goals with a close friend who will keep you accountable and ask about your progress, versus sharing them publicly where people will likely just congratulate you on setting the goal at all.




Creating a healthy and regular workout routine is something that SO many people struggle with in their adult life. I know from experience that it can be super difficult to stay motivated and find a workout that really works for you. I hope these tips will help you get a start on creating a workout routine of your own!

I would also LOVE for you to leave a comment and share your workout routine with us. Let’s help inspire each other!


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How to Start a Workout Routine You'll Stick To - When you’re starting a new workout routine, it can be really hard to stay motivated. Here are all the tips you need for starting a workout routine you’ll actually stick to! | Health, Fitness