I try to incorporate exercise more into my daily life, but it can seriously be a STRUGGLE at times. Exercising outdoors is my preference (running, biking, long walks), but that’s tough in Wisconsin because winter is basically off limits. I don’t have a gym membership, and finding workouts to do at home can be difficult and I tend to get bored of them quick. One great way to remedy this is by using YouTube workout videos! I have a few go-to YouTube channels that I LOVE for working out at home.


My 5 Favorite Channels for YouTube Workout Videos





1. Blogilates


I only discovered Blogilates a few months ago, but it’s one of my favorite places for YouTube workout videos! First of all, I love Cassey’s personality. She’s encouraging, positive and bubbly. She makes the workouts lighthearted and less stressful. There’s a great mix of cardio and strength based Pilates workouts so you can get whatever kind of workout you need. She also has targeted videos for different parts of the body. I love that I can spend 20 minutes on my elliptical and then get in a quick arm and ab workout with her videos.


2. Tone it Up


This Youtube channel is run by Karena and Katrina. Their YouTube workout videos and website offer target workouts, intense cardio, and weekly workout calendars. Their website also features a blog, recipes, a nutrition program, and a great community.


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3. Be FiT


I love Be FiT because you can get awesome workouts from many fitness trainers, including Jillian Michaels (even though her videos make me want to die, I still love them!). Because of this, you can get such a wide variety of videos and coaching styles.


4. POPSUGAR Fitness

As if we didn’t have enough reason to love PopSugar, they also have a fitness channel! You can find awesome workout videos run by the same great company you’re used to!


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5. Jessica Smith TV


Jessica has great workout videos for beginners, as well as people looking for a more advanced workout. She films her videos right from her house and offers any kind of workout you could imagine. Lately, I’ve been loving her kickboxing videos. I also love that she has her videos on her website organized by type of workout, as well as experience level. If you’re a beginner looking for a good workout, you can see with one click what beginner workouts are available.

I change up my workouts a lot depending on my mood. Sometimes, I’m all about Pilates, while other times I’m really craving something more intense like kickboxing or HIIT workouts. Using YouTube videos is awesome because I can pick a workout that I’m in the mood for!




When it comes to working out, your options are NOT limited to a gym membership! Gym memberships can be expensive (though they don’t necessarily have to be) and they add the inconvenience of having to travel to a different location to work out. And depending on where you live, that might take away a serious chunk of time from your day. Working out at home is FREE and way more convenient. And these YouTube channels make it SO much easier to find fun, effective workouts to do at home!


My 5 Favorite YouTube Channels for Working Out at Home | Health and Fitness, Exercise, Work Out Videos

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